British Airways Covid Rules

What is British Airways doing to ensure safe travel?

Throughout your journey, you will find changes designed to help you feel safe and confident, and British Airways’ COVID-19 Travel Hub offers all the information you need to book and travel with peace of mind:

  • Travel requirements.
  • Award-winning COVID-19 safety standards.
  • Flexible booking.

Travel Requirements

To reassure travelers before travel, British Airways is providing the tools and solutions to help you plan your journey and make it as seamless and safe as possible:

  • Useful information on the latest travel restrictions and entry requirements can be checked using the new interactive map on
  • To help you book the test you need, British Airways brought together a range of COVID-19 testing suppliers in the UK and the US that offer exclusive discounts.
  • British Airways passengers can download the new digital health travel passport, VeriFLY, to check if they meet the entry requirements of their destination. Its use is optional, and passengers will also continue to be able to check they meet entry requirements at check-in. British Airways continues exploring digital health travel wallet and document verification solutions, including the IATA Travel Pass.

Award-winning COVID-19 Safety Standards

British Airlines was one of the first airlines to undergo the COVID-19 Safety Audit by Skytrax that investigates and evaluates safety and hygiene protocols introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to enhance customer and staff safety. After a complex analysis of the hygiene and safety procedures, British Airlines received a 4-Star Covid-19 Safety Rating based on the standards provided at the airport and onboard flights:

  • Face mask policy. At all times in the airport and on board the aircraft, all passengers need to wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth, except children under the age of 11 (under the age of 2 on flights to/from the U.S.) and those who meet the government’s exemption requirements (supporting documentation may be necessary). A face mask could last up to four hours, so make sure you bring enough for the duration of your trip. You will be asked to remove your face mask for any passport checks, but you’ll be advised when to do so by. On board, you are allowed to remove your face mask only for a reasonable time to eat or drink.
  • Minimizing contact. Online and Mobile Check-in options and self-service bag drop service can help you keep contact at the airport to a minimum. If you can’t check in online, use one of the self-service kiosks that are regularly sanitized, or go to a check-in desk where screens have been installed to protect you. Dettol sanitizing stations are positioned next to check-in kiosks and desks and throughout the airport. At selected lounges at Heathrow, Terminal 5 that are now open, British Airways introduced new measures to ensure your health and safety: contactless lounge entry, enhanced cleaning, safe distance markers, contact-free food and drink orders brought directly to the seat.
  • Boarding. British Airways introduced new boarding procedures to minimize contact when passengers take their seats. At the gate, have your boarding pass ready to scan it yourself and your passport open so that a British Airways employee can check it. Priority boarding is available only for families and customers who may need additional time to board. First Class passengers board first from the first row to the back row of the cabin. The rest of the passengers board the aircraft from the rear to the front.
  • Cleaning. Key surfaces, including seats, armrests, seat belt buckles, tray tables, toilets, and storage area, are sanitized after every flight. Aircraft are cleaned thoroughly from nose to tail every day. The air in the cabin is filtered and renewed every two to three minutes. Cabin air is made up of fresh air, drawn from outside and heated significantly above virus-killing temperatures, and air passed through HEPA filters that remove even the tiniest particles, down to microscopic bacteria and virus clusters, with over 99.9% efficiency.
  • Onboard service. Once on board the aircraft, passengers are offered Dettol anti-bacterial hygiene wipes to sanitize hands or surfaces. You should minimize moving around the cabin as much as possible. If you need help, there is a call button you can use, and a crew member will assist you at your seat. British Airways made some changes to the onboard service to reduce contact onboard, such as removing magazines and newspapers, a new food service (the Speedbird Café menu is available to pre-purchase at for short-haul flights in Euro Traveller class, menu cards are available only in First and Club World classes, special meals are available to pre-order when booking your flight), individually wrapped blankets and bedding available only on long-haul flights to guarantee cleanliness.

Flexible Booking

Understanding that travel plans need to change sometimes, British Airways introduced its book with confidence policy with flexible travel options for bookings made from March 3, 2020, onwards for journeys due to be completed by August 31, 2022:

  • Change your dates with no additional fees. If you want to change the dates, you can do it online from Manage My Booking.
  • Change your destination with no additional fees. You need to complete the online voucher form to change your destination and dates. British Airways will cancel the booking on your behalf and email you a voucher to the value of your booking, valid until September 30, 2023.
  • Cancel your booking with no additional fees. If you need to cancel your trip, you can claim a voucher for the value of your booking. Within seven days of your application, you will receive your voucher by email that you can use as payment, or a part payment, for a future booking that must be fully completed by September 30, 2023 (departure and return).

If your flight has been canceled, you can claim a refund.

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