British Airways flying with pets

What is British Airways’ policy on pet acceptance?

Except for Service Dogs, British Airways does not accept pets traveling in the aircraft cabin, nor as checked baggage. Pets must be booked to travel with IAG Cargo.

Pets are not accepted on British Airways flights BA6200-6449 operated by Comair. Service Dogs are allowed to travel in the passenger cabin. Any other animal must be transported in the hold as cargo, and arrangements must be made through Comair’s partner, BidAir Cargo.

On SUN-AIR of Scandinavia flights (BA8200-8299), pets up to 6 kg are allowed in the cabin but not on SUN-AIR flights to the UK.

How do I book my pet with IAG Cargo?

IAG Cargo recommends the professional and very experienced services of a Pet Travel Agent. They can take care of bookings, travel containers, documentation, and veterinary requirements, and also arrange for your pet to be collected from your home and delivered at the destination.

Assistance Dogs

You must contact the local British Airways office at the time of booking or at least 14 days before your flight to arrange travel for your Assistance Dog. The number of Assistance Dogs carried on each aircraft is restricted. Passengers traveling with an Assistance Dog must check in at an airport check-in desk in order to complete travel documentation and formalities.

Assistance Dogs are only allowed in the cabin of the aircraft if they have been trained and certified by an organization that is a registered full member of International Guide Dog Federation or Assistance Dog International. Assistance Dogs (Guide Dogs for the blind, Hearing Dogs for the deaf, and Assistance Dogs for the disabled) may travel free of charge in the aircraft cabin on all British Airways routes. Emotional Support Dogs that are not recognized as Assistance Dogs by the above organizations are not allowed to travel in the cabin.

Assistance Dogs Traveling to the U.K.

Assistance Dogs entering the UK must meet the requirements of DEFRA’s Pet Travel Scheme and receive clearance to enter the UK from the airport’s Animal Reception Centre (you must confirm your flight details with the airport’s Animal Reception Centre, who will meet you on arrival, carry out the clearance checks and place a tag stating ‘Pet Travel Scheme Entry Check Passed’ on the dog’s harness).

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