How to Travel low cost to Asia

How to Travel Low Cost to Asia

Asia as a continent is incredibly massive and a “must” visit spot, here are a few tips how to travel low cost to Asia. There are many various travel routes through the region and each one can show you a unique piece of culture and surroundings.  Some of the most popular routes in the area are among the cheapest regions to travel.

 India and Nepal

India and Nepal are amongst the cheapest regions in Asia. Travelers usually fly into Katmandu and spend numerous weeks trekking within the mountain ranges of the area. Travelers then continue down to into the Republic of India visiting Varanasi, Rajasthan, and Delhi. If you want to take a different route hear towards southernmost part of India and swing by Goa and Mumbai.

India is amongst the cheapest countries to travel in, with this in mind some travelers find it a little overwhelming.  The culture of India makes a fun place to be, however it will take a little getting used to. People in India are for the most part friendly and their culture is made up of beautiful colors and delicious flavors.


Folks prefer to spend their time in China. Popular cities to visit are Peiping, Xi’an, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guilin, and Yangzhou.  Travel to these cities requires minimal travel with just 2 flights, which will save you cash and time.  One item to check off your list is to visit the outskirts of the key cities, so may experience what rural China has to offer.

Southeast Asia

In all probability this can be the most popular in land route to travel in Asia.  The route is easy to do on a shoestring budget while traveling via land. You are likely to meet fellow backpackers on the way, traveling Asia at the lowest cost possible.  It is popular to begin your route in the city of Hanoi and follow the path down South through Vietnam. From here you will be able to cross into Cambodia and visit the popular Angkor Wat then head into Thailand. Travel north and take your time in Laos before heading back to Thailand’s tropical warm beaches.  Head down south into Malaysia before flying out of Singapore.

Getting the most out of your Dollar

From a cultural perspective, India and Nepal are completely different from China, or Taiwan. From a budgeting perspective, these regions also are completely different. Southeast Asia, India, and Nepal have long been established as “backpacker” destinations. These countries are unbelievably cheap and comparatively straightforward to get around.  China, Japan and Korea are known to be expensive but the trendy and modern infrastructure makes these places quite straightforward to get around.

You should really budget when selecting where to travel in Asia. The cost of items vary from country to country, which can really affect how long you can travel fro and the level of comfort you are going to be in.  If you are a first time backpacker, mainland regions are an excellent part to start your adventures.  There are lots of low prices, friendly people that should be able to negotiate your way around. These places are also geographically beautiful with beaches, and temples.

Asian Adventures

There are many activities you will be able to enjoy through Asia. The region has some of the best beaches and coral reefs in the world. Mountains provide some of the most spectacular trekking opportunities. The cities provide exotic foods and the landscape is always changing.

Traveling though Asia

Transportation throughout Asia is variable. In China you’ll be able experience the bullet train or if you can travel by bus. If you are hoping to travel by train make sure you purchase your tickets with a few days’ notice as tickets sell out quickly. Ground transportation in Japan is pricey numerous folks find that flying is really the most effective choice.

With these tips we hope you can visit Asia and experience the world.