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First trip on Virgin Atlantic. Very impressed overall. This will cover my overall experience to/from London. Service was exceptional. All of these folks truly seem to love their jobs were a true delight to interact with. What a change from several attendants who seemed truly miserable on my last transatlantic flight via United.

The dinner and "high tea" were excellent. Enjoyed the WonderWall on the way back, it was quite popular. A simple touch that gives you a little treat and sense of control over your food/drink options.

As for the seat itself- I'm female of average build . Chose seat 25C (Premium Economy) because it would allow me to recline without bothering others behind me. Was a bit nervous whether it would really recline fully. Can happily report it does and it was great to stay fully reclined entire flight without worrying about how it was for a seat mate in back. I was so happy with it, I tried to switch my seat on the way back to the same one, but it was filled. There is plenty of leg room at the bottom at all times, but with the passenger in front of me reclined, my knees were nearly hit. (I'm just 5'4"). This was a surprise. When the window seat person next to me had to get out to go use the toilet, it was VERY difficult - way too tight a squeeze between reclined seat in front of me and my seat for her to squeeze past. (She wasn't very large either, just not tiny.) It's a tough situation. If you pay so much extra you clearly want to enjoy the comfort, but to provide enough space for someone to pass by a reclined seat, you would need to add several more inches, which I'm guessing would end up boosting up the price significantly. I would definitely fly VA again and choose Premium Economy. However, if I was a lot taller, I'd want to check with others first how it is to have the seat in front of me reclined.

Checking in at Heathrow was a breeze. No one in front of me to check bags, they offer a separate line for Premium Economy. (This was deciding factor for me between VA and Brit. Air). Security was much more thorough at LHR than IAD , but went fairly fast, about 8 mins. (I'm Global Pass, but that's not recognized at LHR.)
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FromLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
ToSeattle, WA - Seattle-Tacoma International (SEA)
I am a fairly fit 74 year-old, but have two medical conditions which make long haul flying uncomfortable - a replacement hip (necessitated by injury, not arthritis) and a delicate bladder, caused by radiotherapy following cancer surgery. I was pleased to find aisle seat 24C in premium economy, which enabled me to fully stretch and flex my right leg, and also to leave my seat and walk in the aisle from time to time without inconveniencing the person sat next to me. I also appreciated the proximity to the toilets - a necessity for me on a ten hour flight. The seat itself was fine for both width and legroom (I am 5 foot 10 and 15 stone), though the seat padding was a tad thin. I always travel with a fleece which when folded and placed on the seat solved the problem. On the return overnight flight, in seat 23C, the passenger in front kept his seat at full recline most of the way. I had to recline mine, though I am able to sleep in a sitting position if necessary. Squeezing out of my seat during the night was not easy, even when I fully reclined my seat (carefully, so to not awake the passenger behind). I don't know the answer to this. I was just grateful I had an aisle seat, and didn't have to squeeze past one or more other reclined seats. The cabin service was excellent, with warm and friendly staff. I can't drink caffeine (tea or coffee) because of my delicate bladder, but was always brought peppermint tea freshly made in the galley. All meals on both flights were good - a well-balanced menu. I would certainly fly Virgin Atlantic premium economy again - it is well worth the extra for peace of mind and comfort.
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ToHong Kong - Hong Kong International (HKG)
I flew VA upper class from Heathrow (T3)to HKG on a 787-9. My trip didn't get off to a good start. The check-in staff at the airport counter acted like an immigration officer and I was made to feel like an illegal alien trying to leave the country. Anyway, back to the positive, The best part about flying Virgin at Heathrow is they have a private security channel and it only took me 3 minutes to go through security.
Once on board the flight, I was greeted by a not so friendly flight attendant. When I show her my boarding pass, she told me in a stern voice that she didn't need to see it if I knew where to go (just not my lucky day) It would have been nicer for her to just point to where my seat was. The rest of the crews were fine and the main attendant was lovely.
I sat on seat 10K on the right-hand side of the cabin near the bar. A tip for seat selection; always pick seats on the left side (row A) where there's a lot more privacy and you don't have to spend your flight looking at other passenger's feet.
The seat itself was comfortable and the food was good. I would have prefered the more traditional Business class seats offered by most other airlines but VA prices are quite a lot cheaper than other airline's business class, i.e. Singapore and Cathay pacific.
I don't' know if I would fly upper class with VA again. This was my second time flying with VA upper class and I just don't think their service is as good as the other airlines.
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FromLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
ToSeattle, WA - Seattle-Tacoma International (SEA)
Standard economy seat width, although just comfortable enough for what it is. Seat had normal recline with the advantage of no one behind. Just as well considering that the woman in front reclined during take off and stayed that way during most of the flight, clearly irritated by the cabin crews instructions for her to sit up during meal service. Seat pitch is 'standard' 31" although I was able to stretch my legs out under the seat in front and I'm 6'2".
Service was good, in fact better than I've experienced on previous transatlantic flights with Virgin. The food and drink seemed to keep coming. The location next to the galley didn't really cause any issues and the lack of a toilet at the back was a blessing for the lack of other passengers passing by. It was however a farce in the middle of the aircraft with continual queues and people loitering around row 21. Presumably some had paid extra to sit in these seats, if so I'd have wanted a refund. In many ways being at the back was nice for being 'out of the way'. Don't like the 3-3-3 configuration, it really doesn't make sense and inevitably forces families apart and strangers next to you in the already narrow economy seats. A 2-4-2 would make far more sense. Overall no more comfortable than anything else I've travelled on. Fancy coloured lighting and bigger windows are ok to look at but a wider seat would be nice when spending 10 hours on a plane. The problem is that going economy one expects nothing special and so gets nothing special.
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FromLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
ToLos Angeles - Los Angeles International (LAX)
In Virgin's hands this aircraft is anything but a Dreamliner!! They have desperately crammed far too many economy seats into the cabin which just makes for an thoroughly uncomfortable flying experience. It needed a 2-4-2 configuration rather than the 3-3-3 they have gone for. Another terrible factor is the toilet situation. Some idiot decided to only put one set of toilets in the cabin which creates big queues and chaos if they are trying to serve food as the aisle space is too small for anyone to pass with a trolley there. They need to send these aircraft back to Boeing, pull out the last two redundant centre rows and install two more toilets for the rear of the aircraft. Very bad planning when they originally designed the layout of these planes. The Virgin experience has been getting steadily worse for years, largely due to the impact of Delta's shoddy business practices taking over the airline and cost cutting measures. After flying this LHR-LAX route on the 787 I have turned in my flying club account and won't be flying Virgin anymore after nearly 20 years of travel with them. If you haven't already booked your ticket then dont, fly someone else until they buck up their ideas and put the focus back on the customer experience.
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I read other reviews before I selected and paid for my seat and travelled. The seat padding is too thin and makes for uncomfortable seating on a long haul flight from LA to London. A little more would have made a big difference. The foot space is limited by the bulk of the entertainment system which takes up too much space and actually hurts because it is hard and made of metal. The windows are not aligned to the seat, as pointed out by other travellers. However, this didn't make much difference to me as there is a bloody great wing and engine in the way so even if the window was in the 'right' place, the view would be obstructed anyway. The legroom was great and was worth the £50 extra. I liked the bigger windows and the electric dimmer. A better than normal seat and far cheaper than economy plus. Also, I had no-one sat next to me so this helped too. However, the experience was diminished by the ignorant person in front of me who reclined his seat from the time of take off to the time of landing. When are airlines going to make all seats fixed at an upright or reclined position to avoid this frustration?
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FromMumbai - Chhatrapati Shivaji International (BOM)
ToLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
Best seats in the entire premium economy sections are on the left wing from 22 to 25(A and C). Luckily, i got the 25C aisle seat and it was a wonderful experience.

Lots of space to recline and more privacy when compared to other seats(always choose the 25th row if you have an option). Although the screens for IFE were in a good condition, the content i felt was not upto the mark(however, this varies a lot from person to person as per an individual's taste). I got the Premium Economy seat at a lot cheaper price when compared to other airlines in India.

The check-in staff was also great, they did not create any problem while i was availing the student offer of an extra 23kg bag(2*23+1 extra*23kgs for students). They were helpful and courteous.

The cabin crew was wonderful as well, and did their job as expected. Just make sure to ask them in advance for Air Sickness bags, as i didn't notice it in the nets for any seat which is strange and a letdown for those who suffer with motion sickness during flights as they would need to panic to handle any emergency situation not having the bag in front of them.
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My first Dreamliner trip, that i had been looking forward to with Boeing's hype that it was designed to be passenger friendly. I was enticed by Virgin's low economy fare to connect with BA all the way to India. What a mistake! The seats are cramped ( I have travelled internationally for 50+ years). The food was sub-par; the breakfast was a token croissant with a smidgen of "cheese?".
Never take a window seat. the arm rest against the window does not lift up; prevents you from getting that extra hip room at the window; I got a two day lower back pain from being immobilized for this 10 hr flight. I recommend an aisle seat and annoy everyone by getting up and walking around often.
the seat cushion had no give. (they should replace them every 6 months); the plane floor was filthy at the end of the flight because passengers could not pick up anything that fell on the floor during flight (no room to bend down to retrieve anything)
Message to Virgin : use a 2-4-2 seating for flights longer than 4 hours!!
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FromWashington, DC - Washington Dulles International (IAD)
ToLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
25H is in the last row of Virgin Atlantic’s new Premium section. The section’s increased seat recline feature was NOT hampered by being in the last row in front of a solid wall separating it from the economy seats, and the extra recline definitely offers extra comfort for sleeping. The extra width and extra leg room are also notable. The only drawback with the increased legroom was some sort of box-like obstruction halfway under the seat directly in front of me which prohibited me from stretching my legs straight out under the seat. I am 6’3” tall, and being able to straighten my legs while sleeping makes an an enormous difference in comfort. For a 6-7 hour flight, this was tolerable. For longer flights, it would not be. The touch screen video system on the back of the seat in front of me was superb, as was the food (considering that it is airline food), and for some inexplicable reason, the service from cabin attendants is always superb on Virgin Atlantic. In short, the new Premium offering is well worth the extra cost.
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FromLos Angeles - Los Angeles International (LAX)
ToLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
We flew VA upper class yesterday from LAX to LHR on a 787 Dreamliner. The Virgin Clubhouse at LAX terminal 2 was nice. The food and drinks were a la carte and were fabulous and much better than most restaurants. The meals on the aircraft were good and so was the service. The seats were okay. I prefer the lie flat seats on Air Canada's Dreamliner Executive Class. For me the seats were okay, but I'm 5'10" and 163 lbs. For heavier people these seats will be a problem. You have to manually flip the seat to a lie flat configuration. If I were Virgin, I would have selected different seats. The cabin crew were fabulous. The entertainment system was just okay. The bar was a nice touch to the cabin. Considering the $5848 we paid for two return tickets ($2924 each fare) from LAX to GVA with the connection at LHR, it offered good value. We had too much food at dinner and skipped breakfast.
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