Virgin Atlantic Boeing B787 900 seat review by AndyP #32924

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FromLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
ToSeattle, WA - Seattle-Tacoma International (SEA)
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Seat recline3 of 5
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Service4 of 5
Standard economy seat width, although just comfortable enough for what it is. Seat had normal recline with the advantage of no one behind. Just as well considering that the woman in front reclined during take off and stayed that way during most of the flight, clearly irritated by the cabin crews instructions for her to sit up during meal service. Seat pitch is 'standard' 31" although I was able to stretch my legs out under the seat in front and I'm 6'2".
Service was good, in fact better than I've experienced on previous transatlantic flights with Virgin. The food and drink seemed to keep coming. The location next to the galley didn't really cause any issues and the lack of a toilet at the back was a blessing for the lack of other passengers passing by. It was however a farce in the middle of the aircraft with continual queues and people loitering around row 21. Presumably some had paid extra to sit in these seats, if so I'd have wanted a refund. In many ways being at the back was nice for being 'out of the way'. Don't like the 3-3-3 configuration, it really doesn't make sense and inevitably forces families apart and strangers next to you in the already narrow economy seats. A 2-4-2 would make far more sense. Overall no more comfortable than anything else I've travelled on. Fancy coloured lighting and bigger windows are ok to look at but a wider seat would be nice when spending 10 hours on a plane. The problem is that going economy one expects nothing special and so gets nothing special.
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