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There are 20 RJ100s in the Swiss fleet of 69 planes, which have a total seating capacity of 97 passengers in a 2 class layout. These planes cruise at a speed of 800km/h, at a height of 9500m and have a range of 3000km.
With its four advanced and powerful engines, the Avro RJ 85/100 is especially suited to operations to and from airports with short runways, and is thus used by Swiss on services to destinations such as London (City) and Lugano. Swiss operates two versions of the type: the RJ 85, which seats 82 passengers, and the RJ 100, which has seating for 97. Apart from their different sizes, the two types are technically largely identical.
Swiss operates a versatile fleet of 69 aircraft – 18 for long-haul and 51 for medium and short-haul operations. There are currently eight different types of aircraft in the fleet: for long-haul flights Swiss operates the Airbus A340 which entered service in July 2003 and A330. For medium and short-haul, it relies on the Airbus A320 family (A319, A320 and A321), the Avro RJ 85 and RJ 100 and the Embraer RJ 145.

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ToPrague-Prague - Ruzyne International(PRG)
Great airplane, great carrier (Swiss). Just be aware - no window on row 7 - it's under the wing and there is some reinforcement. Other seats are great and and pretty much all the same. Seats are from Recaro and they are perfect. Plenty of legroom everywhere...
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FromZurich-Zürich-Kloten (ZRH)
ToWarsaw-Frederic Chopin (WAW)
Entertainment no have, no monitors nothing.
All in all, the type of aircraft is getting old. 10 minutes before scheduled departure: a change of aircraft due to larger defect. At Swiss everything was well organized, the latest arrival in WAW was less than an hour.
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3.5 of 5
The service was great.
Seats not bad.
I did not enjoy the food.
There was no entertainment.
Even though I enjoyed the flight, there was no difference between economy and business unless you are sitting on D or E
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3.5 of 5
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