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FromLondon Gatwick
ToPalma Mallorca
This was the most unbelievably clapped out, cramped and antiquated old tub I had travelled on in years and I could not believe an aircraft this old and behind the times had not been pensioned off to a third world airline by now. Monarch's extremely foolish decision to carry on flying these charter configuration aircraft on what they laughingly call scheduled flights has totally destroyed my previously good image of the airline when flying on more modern Airbus A321s on the same route.

I am 6ft 3in or 1.90m tall and even on a flight of only 1 hour 40 minutes in length I had to get out of my seat and walk around the gangways for 10 minutes to recover from the cramp I suffered in their steerage class seating. I had not travelled in charter class seating (now incredibly being sold to scheduled customers) this mean and uncomfortable since I had travelled on Britannia 767-200 configured with either 9 or 10 seats across many years earlier.

The aircraft had no screens or flight entertainment and the aircraft was so well used that all the lighting units down the side of the plane had visibly extremely yellowed covers.

Monarch needs to make up its mind whether it wants to be a high class scheduled carrier or a cheap and crappy carrier with worse cabin conditions than even Easyjet or Ryanair.
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I don't seem to be alone in my disgust at the Monarch airways service delivery. Our departure was delayed for some hours due to mechanical failure (I hear - no-one had the coutrtesy to explain). Once they had cramed 352 people into the tiny seats, they brought aboard a deortee with six officials - which was a most unpleasant and disconcerting matter for all - not least the pilot (sounding very ruffled) and the cabin staff. When they finally removed him, to avoid a brooding riot by some of the passangers - we started our six hour flight at about the time we were supposed to have arrived. The cabin staff wheeled the trollys back and forth with no concern for arms or legs - and my right shoulder was quite bruised by their actions by the end of our jounrney - the food was inedible but there was little chance of eating or drinking when hlding your right arm across your chest to avoid being hit by a trolly. I am writing to our Gambia Experience to tell them that I would galdly holiday with them agin - but would not again travel with Monarch.
This was a holiday of a lifetime and exceeding esxpensive - Monarch and its staff and customer services ruined it for us.
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ToGenova-Cristoforo Colombo(GOA)
Paid the extra to travel premium. What a let down! First advised 4 weeks before travel that plane would be downsized and have to stop at Kuwait to refuel. This plane is 22 years old and it shows in its cramped, antequated surroundings with no in seat entertainment. It was due to be replaced by 787 dreamliners but the order was cancelled Sep 2011. Presumably becuase they're making losses. Monarchs Chairman stated Nov 2011 that the company strategy will now be on short / medium haul flights. So expect Monarch to change into a "pack em in" pay for everything airline! Which it certainly felt like on our flight. Despite complaining to Monarch about our flight change, they merely stated that it was done for operational reasons which is allowed in their T&C's!...with no compensation.
ps to address other reviewers comments about this plane, it would appear that the normal seat pattern is 3,3,3 but to be able to provide a premium service when they want to, they change the seat plan up front to 2,4,2 x 6 rows. It was my worst premium economy experience of 20 years flying longhaul...never again!!!
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ToSharm El Sheikh
I have never sat in any aircraft seat so uncomfortably narrow. I am by no means broad in the beam but my hips pressed against the seat dividers on both sides and because there are only 2 seats in front and they're out of line the seat dividers in row 2 contain the folded meal trays so the dividers can't be lifted and stowed. Seat J (not I) was worse because the cabin wall curves in to give restricted headroom. This was the 5 and a half hour journey from hell on a packed plane. The obvious and usual seating arrangement is 2 4 2 making 8 in the row. Monarch have gained a seat at passengers discomfort by making it 3 3 3. only small children could fit with comfort.
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FromPreveza/Lefkas-Aktion (PVK)
ToManchester-Manchester (MAN)
Seat had good legroom. However the width of the seat is very minimal. This restricts movement and impacts greatly on any level of comfort. I am 5'10" tall but an averaged sized, slim person would probably find this seat OK.
I have also sat in seat 2a - now there's a challenge for anyone over a size 14 and tall! This seat is very narrow as the tables are fitted into permanent arm rests, reducing seat width further. Eating meal in this seat was done only in cooperation with person in next seat! Table is right up to the body and no room for arm movement!
Please Monarch, have a serious look at the space you are providing!
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FromTenerife-Sur Reina Sofia (TFS)
ToManchester-Manchester (MAN)
Well what a shame, Plane i must say For 20 odd years of age looked Clean on outside but inside is where it really shows its age. Seats are old fashioned narrow and hard. No sponge to them anymore. Seat trays loose and window surrounds loose and Aircon did not really seem to work well. Yellowed/Browned light covers. I love flying but after 4 hours your ready to get off. Think its time to retire the a300-600 As it also Stank of fuel on start up too. But the a330 Which i came on was more pleasant.
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FromLondon Gatwick
A wide bodied Monarch operated aircraft for very thin passengers. I am average weight, 80 kilos, male,five feet eleven inches tall, and this must be the most uncomfortable seat I have ever had in fifty years of flying. One moderately obese passenger found it impossible to sit in one seat. The plane was fully booked. I don't know where he finished up. Never again will I fly Monarch without knowing the aircraft to be used.
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FromLondon-London Gatwick(LGW)
ToPalma Mallorca-Son Sant Joan Airport(PMI)
I simply don't believe that the person making the last review was of normal build for someone 6ft1 tall. Only a waif like student of 16 years old could be 6ft1 tall and be comfortable in one of these seats. More likely still is that the 6ft1in 16 year old in question is actually the son of one of the current board directors of Monarch!!
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The flight number was MON1934 it was a a300-600 i hated every second the seats where so small that my 11 year old son could hardly fit on them and there was hardly no leg room. my 11 year old sun needs to keep his leg straight. he had to push his foot into the chair infront of him.
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FromManchester-Manchester (MAN)
ToMalaga-Pablo Ruiz Picasso (AGP)
I.m 6,1. Normal build. I found this seat and1 h. On the return journey Perfectably acceptable and would be happy to be seated there again.. old plane maybe butno problem with it or a great crew on the flight regularly to Malaga and back with easy*** but had a very pleasant time with Monarch . Happy to tecoomed them anytime
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