Monarch Airlines flying with pets

What is Monarch Airlines policy on pet acceptance?

Monarch Airlines is glad to transport pets, underneath the current terms of PETS Passport Scheme, as authorized by the DEFRA. Please bear in mind the following:

  • The pets’ transportation is always subject to space availability and a fee will be charged for each pet that is carried. The maximum number of animals allowed in each flight is 6.
  • Pets can be transported from all Monarchs scheduled departure airports of the United Kingdom, but for the time being will be able to return only via Manchester and London Gatwick.
  • Animals are always transported in the hold of the aircraft and never in the passenger cabin.
  • The transportation of all types of pets must be conducted in agreement with the current Carriage of Animals guidelines, as published by IATA, and the Pet Passport Scheme conditions, as required and published by DEFRA.

Which are the restrictions related to pets’ transportation?

The airline does not allow transportation of pets on Saturdays and Sundays. Monarch Airlines does not allow any animal inside the passenger cabin or carried as extra baggage.

Pets in the Hold


As a passenger, you should inform that you are going to travel accompanied with your pet, and then you will need to carry your pet to the Animal Reception centers, which are open in the next schedules and airports:

  • At the London Gatwick, the Animal Air Care is open from Monday to Friday from 06.00 until 22.00; and Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 06.00 to 19.00.
  • At the Manchester Airport, the Pets On Jets is open from Monday to Friday from 05.00 until 22.00; and Saturdays from 05.00 until 16.00.


Monarch Airlines advises you that in order to make all the required arrangements and to get details concerning the fees that may apply to the pet transportation services, please call to the following number: 0845 680 9002.

Guide and Assistance Dogs

Monarch Airlines accepts the carriage of Guide and Assistance Dogs in the aircraft cabin on all its scheduled flights (ZB flight number). To ensure that all correct procedures are arranged, passengers traveling with a Guide/Assistance Dog must call the Customer Services Centre as soon as they complete their booking.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to provide a safety harness and an absorbent mat and that the dog to have a PET passport. Small dogs up to 10 kg are allowed to sit on the passenger’s lap during the whole of the flight. Larger dogs will sit on the cabin floor, either across the owner or in front of an empty seat. The passenger shall occupy a middle seat so that the Guide/Assistance Dog is positioned next to the cabin wall.

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