Monarch Airlines Baggage and Carry-on

What is Monarch Airlines policy on carry-on allowance?

On flights operated by Monarch Airlines, passengers are allowed to transport without any charges a limited amount of carry-on baggage: one or two separate pieces of carry-on baggage, subject to size and weight restrictions, plus a small duty-free shopping bag. If you were to travel with carry-on baggage only, it would signify a save of time for the reason that the check-in can be done without the necessity to deliver the baggage to a check-in counter desk.

What is Monarch Airlines policy on checked baggage?

For Monarch Airlines scheduled flights, there is no free checked baggage allowance for Flight Only bookings, but on payment of the applicable charge, the hold baggage allowance is 20 kg in one bag.

Monarch Airlines offers airpacks that include the following baggage allowances:

  • Essentials pack – 23 kg of checked baggage.
  • Extras pack – 26 kg of checked baggage.


For Monarch Airlines scheduled flights, the carriage of hand baggage is free. There are two options for this type of luggage:

  • You  can  bring  only one piece of carry-on baggage, no bigger than 56 x 40 x 25 cm and no heavier than 10 kg, plus a small duty-free shopping bag from the departure airport. There will be a dimension gauge at the airport in order to check the recommended size.
  • Or you can bring two separate pieces of carry-on baggage, as long as their combined size is smaller than 56 x 40 x 25 cm and their combined weight is no more than 10 kg, plus a small duty-free shopping bag from the departure airport.

The second option offers the possibility to carry your bag and also your laptop, no need to choose, and also you will not need to stuff everything into one sole bag at the departure gate. Space on board is limited; therefore, on busy flights, it might be not possible for Monarch Airlines to guarantee to fit all luggage inside the cabin.

If your carry-on baggage does not fulfill with the restrictions, you will need to pay £50 or €70 when you are at the gate, and your luggage will be located in the hold. However, do not worry because you will have the opportunity of removing any important items for you like medication, keys, valuables or travel documentation.

Checked Baggage Fees

Any  checked  baggage  is  subject  to  a  fee. Checked baggage can be pre-booked from the time of booking up to 6 hours before departure, online or through the Customer Services Centre. As long as you pre-book your luggage, the cost will be less than at the airport.

Monarch’s flexible checked baggage policy allows you to choose from 20 kg, 23 kg, 26 kg in one checked bag to 40 kg in two checked bags. Any extra checked baggage transported in addition to the paid allowance will be subject to extra luggage fees on a per kilo basis.

Checked BaggageOnlineCustomer Services CentreAt the airport
First 20 kg – one bagfrom £15 / €21
to £36 / €50
Same rate as online plus a
£5 / € 7 surcharge per bag per sector
£36 / €50
Excess Baggage – 6-12 kgNot availableNot available£10 / €14 per kg

The maximum weight of a single piece of checked baggage must not exceed 32 kg. Any piece of baggage over this weight will not be accepted for carriage.

Sharing Baggage Allowances

For Monarch Airlines flights, passengers can share a luggage allowance with a companion, on condition that both passengers have paid the applicable baggage fee.

Sports Equipment

When booking your Monarch Airlines flight online, you are offered the option of adding Sports Equipment to the booking. Alternatively, you can add Sports Equipment to your booking later, online or through the Customer Services Centre. The following sports equipment are transported in addition to the baggage allowance, if any, and subject to the following additional fees:

Sports EquipmentOnlineAt the Airport
Golf, ski, snowboard (up to 20 kg)from £25 / €35 to £28 / €39£35 / €49
Bicycle  (up to 30 kg)from £25 / €35 to £30 / €42
Carpet bowls, surfing, kitesurfing, bodyboard,
diving, polo (up to 20 kg)
Sporting guns
Windsurfing, canoe, kayak, hang glider (up to 32 kg)Not available

Any other sports equipment not listed above is considered as regular checked baggage: counts as part of your checked baggage allowance and will be charged as excess baggage when the allowance is exceeded.

Baggage Service

If your baggage is lost, you must complete a Property Irregularity Report Form, which you can find at the airport. Monarch Airlines ground supervision personnel will make the search of your baggage during minimum 7 days. The most part of the baggage is located within this frame time. It will be sent to the address, which you have indicated in your report, and this will be made by a local courier. It would be recommendable that you contact the handling agent in order to obtain updated information. The phone number details will be on the copy of Property Irregularity Document, given to you. The airline will conduct a search for your baggage for a total of a 21 days period. Monarch Airlines advises to contact a travel insurer as soon as possible in order to register the claim.

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