Monarch Airlines Airbus A300 600 seat review by Andrew Perry #26816

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I don't seem to be alone in my disgust at the Monarch airways service delivery. Our departure was delayed for some hours due to mechanical failure (I hear - no-one had the coutrtesy to explain). Once they had cramed 352 people into the tiny seats, they brought aboard a deortee with six officials - which was a most unpleasant and disconcerting matter for all - not least the pilot (sounding very ruffled) and the cabin staff. When they finally removed him, to avoid a brooding riot by some of the passangers - we started our six hour flight at about the time we were supposed to have arrived. The cabin staff wheeled the trollys back and forth with no concern for arms or legs - and my right shoulder was quite bruised by their actions by the end of our jounrney - the food was inedible but there was little chance of eating or drinking when hlding your right arm across your chest to avoid being hit by a trolly. I am writing to our Gambia Experience to tell them that I would galdly holiday with them agin - but would not again travel with Monarch.
This was a holiday of a lifetime and exceeding esxpensive - Monarch and its staff and customer services ruined it for us.
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