Monarch Airlines flying with babies

Are there any restrictions for acceptance of babies on Monarch Airlines flights?

Monarch Airlines does not admit newly born babies on board scheduled flights. This restriction applies within the first seven days after birth of the infant. In the same way, the airline cannot accept on board mothers within the first fourteen days after having given birth. Monarch Airlines recommends passengers traveling with children to check in promptly in order to avoid queuing. The check-in desks are available starting 2 hours before departure.

When do I have to reserve a seat for my baby?

Infants (babies under 2 years of age at the time of travel) travel on the lap of their parents using an extension of the seat belt. For each lap-held baby, parents must pay an Infant Fee of £20 / €25 per sector.

You must reserve a seat for your child when he/she is 2 years of age or older. Children of this age should be seated in their own seat. There is no discount for children aged 2 to 11 years offered by Monarch Airlines.

Infants on Lap

To travel on the parent’s lap, babies need to be less than 2 years old at the time of travel. Parents traveling with infants will be issued with seats that permit an additional oxygen mask for infants; in the event of an emergency, this mask will drop down.

Baggage Allowance

As part of the fee paid when booking, infants obtain a 10 kg checked baggage allowance on all Monarch flights. This allowance is subject to payment of checked baggage charges. Only passengers traveling with infants who have purchased baggage for themselves are eligible for an extra 10 kg of hold baggage. The 10 kg extra baggage allowance can be shared with the adult’s baggage allowance in one piece of luggage. On the other hand, the supplementary 10 kg can be transported in a different bag, which will be exempt from any additional charges. Please remember that the airline will not allow a single bag whose size is greater than 32 kg.

Members of Gold and Silver Vantage Clubs traveling with babies are authorized to use a standard 30 kg of checked baggage, and they also can take a supplementary 10 kg allowance, making 40 kg in total. This weight must be divided between two pieces of luggage since the maximum weight permitted for any single piece is 32 kg; this is in order to help reduce the physical handling injuries of the airport staff.

On the other hand, prams, pushchairs and car seats will be accepted for transportation free of any charges, additionally to the baggage allowance, so these will not be a part of the hold baggage allowance mentioned. Pushchairs may be used up to the steps of the aircraft when passengers board, and after this they will be loaded into the hold. Travel cots may be transported in the hold of the aircraft, but they must count as part of the infant’s 10 kg allowance. Car seats and pushchairs will go through with all other baggage on the luggage belt inside the terminal.

Children in Car Seats

In order to the child travel in the safest way, a car seat might be used for any child  older than 6 months, but younger than 3 years. In all cases, the baby’s parent or guardian has to be seated in the adjacent seat. To bring and use an infant car seat on board, you must notify Monarch at least 5 working days before departure.

The seat should be capable of being firmly secured using the aircraft’s lap type seat belt; it should be forward facing. The car seat needs to have an inflexible frame; seats, which are ‘bucket’ type with the carrying handle, are not allowed. The lower part of the covering should not extend far outside the forward place of the passenger’s seat cushion. The minimum dimensions of the seat cushion are width 16 inches and depth 17 inches.

The car seat should bear the relevant markings for EASA, FAA, or Transport Canada approval. It’s not possible for Monarch Airlines to guarantee beforehand that a seat is appropriate for use. In the benefits of safety, the airline reserves the right to decline authorization for the use of a child car seat on any aircraft.

Baggage Allowance

It is necessary to buy checked baggage allowance for child passengers just as for adult passengers. The travel cots are going to be weighed as part of this allowance. The transport of a pushchair or a car seat is permitted as well, free of any extra charge, in order to be used by children who have need of them.

Amenities on Monarch Airlines Flights

More than explaining the amenities offered by the airline, it is essential for passengers to know the following considerations related:

  • Babies will not get any meal on board as portion of the normal supplying service; nevertheless, parents are welcome to bring their own baby feeding bottles/food on board.
  • Monarch Airlines does not have heating facilities on aircraft; however, the cabin crew can provide passengers hot water in order to fill their babies’ feeding bottles.
  • All Monarch aircraft have facilities for nappy changing on board in at least one of the restrooms.

Services for Disabled Children

Monarch Airlines is pleased to state that it is one of only two airlines offering the MERU Travelchair onboard. Monarch Airlines puts at your disposal a chair with variable security bands giving upper body support. Specially designed for disabled minors, the Travelchair is appropriate for most kids who are between 3 and 11 years old and available upon request from the airline’s Customer Services Department, totally free of charge. It is an exceptional chair that fits into a standard seat providing a firm and postural support for incapacitated children while they fly. All Monarch Cabin Team is skilled in the fitting and usage of the TravelChair.

Cares Harness

The Cares Harness has been intended for children of the age of 1 and older, whose weight is between 10 to 20 kg and whose height is 100 cm or less. The minor needs to be able to sit upright without any assistance. It is available on request from the airline’s Customer Services Department at no additional cost.

Support Harness

The airline provides a support harness for minors with special needs. This harness is appropriate for kids who are between 10 and 15 years old. It is available on request from the airline’s customer services department, totally free of charge.

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