Seat Map KLM Boeing B747 400 New World Business Class

Seat map for KLM Boeing B747 400 New 	World Business Class

Seating details

Economy Comfort35"17.536

General presentation

There are a total of 42 Boeing 747s in the KLM fleet, 22 of which are this model, 17 of which are the “combi” model (passenger and cargo combined) and 3 of which are freighter only. This wide-bodied plane is configured in two classes, World Business class and Economy class, it cruises at 920kph and has a range of 12900km. This plane is used on intercontinental flights (excluding Tbilisi, Tripoli, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Amman and Damascus).
World Business class passengers can enjoy the comfort of a 60” pitch seat with 150º recline. They can choose entertainment from 12 audio or 12 video channels on their personal video screen.
Economy class passengers will enjoy a full meal and refreshments from the drinks cart and will be offered a variety of audio and video entertainment.
Trivia tip – The wing of the B747-400 measures 525 square metres – an area large enough to hold 45 medium size cars!!

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