KLM flying with babies

What do I have to know if I am traveling with my child?

All children aged 14 and under should always be accompanied by an adult who is 18 or older. This person is responsible for the child during the whole journey. Parent and child (or guardian and child) have to travel together if the Unaccompanied Minor Service has not been purchased. If a segment of your trip is operated by an airline other than KLM, be sure to check with them their requirements for babies traveling with you.

Do babies travel at a reduced fare?

Babies under 2 years of age (on the return flight) always travel at a reduced baby fare if traveling on a parent’s lap. The discount is 90%. The baby fare does not apply if:

  • Your child turns 2 before the return flight.
  • You want your baby to travel in its own seat.

Do children travel at a reduced fare?

Children 2 years of age or older will always have to travel in their own seat – for which KLM has a special child fare too – with a discount of up to 25%. Although discounts are usually given for children, these discounts do not apply to the lowest or special promotional fares. When applicable, discounts are given for tickets purchased for children aged 2 through 11, as well as for babies under 2 traveling in their own seats.

Infant on Lap

Infants (children under the age of 2) are allowed to sit on their parent’s lap on all incoming and outgoing flights. If the child turns 2 either before the incoming flight or during it, it’s required that a seat is reserved for him/her during both journeys, incoming and outgoing. If the adult is traveling with more than one infant, one of them will have to sit in his own seat. Only one baby is allowed to travel on the adult’s lap.

Carrycots are offered on all intercontinental routes, and you can reserve them by calling the reservations department or online. These carrycots are available for babies younger than 10 months of age who weigh less than 10 kg and measure less than 65 cm.

Infants with Reserved Seats

If a seat has been reserved for your child, you may bring your own car seat, as long as it fits between the armrests of the seat (16.5 in / 42 cm wide). Only child seats that display no defects and that carry a visible seal of quality awarded by the E.U., or other official government agency, may be taken aboard. Some of the seats approved for use on board an aircraft are those with seals of approval issued by Transport Canada, US Federal Aviation Administration, UN STANDARDS ECE R44-03 and 44-04 seal, and Joint Civil Aviation Authority. If you book a seat for your child, you may also use the CARES Child Safety Harness on board. If you are planning on bringing your child’s car seat on board, you are required to notify KLM Reservations or the ticket office.

If you book a seat for your child, an inflight bed or a leg rest extension (e.g. BedBox, Fly Tot, Plane Pal, 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow) may be used except during take-off, taxiing, or landing and if it doesn’t disturb others passengers. Inflight beds and leg rest extensions that attach to the seat (e.g. FlyeBaby or Fly LegsUp) are not permitted.

Children’s Baggage

When your baby will be traveling on your lap, he/she has a hand baggage allowance of one piece of carry-on baggage with the baby’s items that weighs no more than 12 kg (26 lbs) and does not exceed the following measurements: 55 x 35 x 25 cm (22 x 14 x 10 in).

Children 2 years of age or older, as well as infants traveling in their own booked seat, may bring the same amount of baggage (carry-on and checked baggage) as an adult.

For each child traveling on KLM flights, you may always bring one car seat and one collapsible stroller free of charge. Small collapsible strollers (umbrella-type – 100 x 30 x 15 cm) for infants and toddlers may be brought on board. In case the stroller is too big to fit under your seat or in the overhead compartment, you may send it as checked baggage, free of charge. If your stroller is wrapped up or covered, make sure there are no more items stored inside.

Children Amenities

On intercontinental flights, KLM offers only a limited number of sterilized meals (cannot be pre-ordered) and a complimentary Bluey bib for infants and specially prepared meals for 2-year-old children and over (must be pre-ordered). There will be plenty of water available on the plane for your baby, but make sure to bring enough food for the journey and toys or books to keep him/her entertained.

KLM offers  films and games and special packages for children like a complete Bluey playset and a Bluey eye mask on intercontinental flights and a passport holder and a Bluey activity book on European flights.

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