KLM Covid Rules

What is KLM doing to ensure a safe and pleasant journey?

KLM has an entire section on its website where it approaches the challenges of traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic and lists all information you need for a safe travel experience:

  • Planning and preparation.
  • Mask policy.
  • Health safety measures.
  • Rebooking and canceling policies.

Planning and Preparation

As flying nowadays requires a little more preparation than before, KLM makes available a few tools to make it easier for you to rediscover the world and travel with peace of mind:

  • With KLM’s Travel Guide, you can find all of KLM’s current destinations and, most importantly, the destination that fits you best.
  • To check up-to-date COVID-19 rules for your journey and to make sure you have everything you need, KLM’s TravelDoc lists the local rules, requirements, and more. This online tool gives you an up-to-date overview of all travel restrictions and documentation required for your destination, including links to forms that need to be filled in, which test you might need to take, vaccination rules, and quarantine regulations. Local requirements can change at any time, and it is your responsibility to stay informed about them, so make sure to check KLM’s TravelDoc regularly until shortly before departure.
  • When specific COVID-19 related documents are required, KLM verifies them at the airport before departure. For a hassle-free departure, you can use KLM’s new service, COVID-19 check | Upload@Home, to have your travel documents checked in advance. The service is available for selected destinations and, if you are eligible for this service, you will receive an invitation to upload your COVID-19 related entry documents on KLM’s website. If you get a positive validation, the documents don’t have to be checked at the departure airport anymore but make sure you also bring printouts of your documents for a visual check at your destination.

Mask Policy

Onboard KLM flights, you are required to wear a face mask, even if you have recently tested negative for or have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Whether you have to wear a face mask at the airport differs per country, but KLM strongly advises you to wear a face mask in the rest of the airport as well. At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, all passengers aged 13 and over are required to wear a mask.

Face masks must cover the nose, mouth, and chin and can be surgical or non-surgical. Scarves or bandanas are not allowed, and the face mask should not have vents or exhalation valves. You must change the face mask every 3 hours, so make sure you bring enough face masks with you to last the entire journey. While eating or drinking, you can temporarily remove your face mask and store it in a clean space (e.g., in a clean plastic bag). It is not allowed to slide your face mask under your chin or on your head.

Exceptions to the mandatory wearing of a face mask are children up to 10 years old and passengers who can’t wear a face mask because of medical reasons. If you are medically exempt from wearing a face mask, you need to present the medical certificate downloaded from KLM’s website signed and stamped by your physician and a hard copy of a negative COVID-19 NAAT test taken within 72 hours before departure of each flight in your itinerary.

Health Safety Measures

KLM being rewarded with the APEX Diamond Award Health Safety powered by SimplyFlying shows that it takes the appropriate measures at the highest level to offer you the safest possible journey. With your health and safety among its top priorities, KLM has taken measures, both at the airport and on board, to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection.

At the airport, hygiene and social distancing measures have been taken to ensure your safety. All service desks are fitted with transparent screens, every other self-service kiosk is available, and all of these are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Ground markings and signage help everyone maintain the required physical distance, both at check-in and when boarding. Depending on your destination, KLM staff may do a quick passenger health check before departure. For the most part, the regular boarding process has been resumed.

Aircraft are thoroughly cleaned every day with approved disinfectants, from the seat and table to overhead bins and toilets. After take-off, the cabin air is continuously refreshed with air from outside. Powerful HEPA filters purify the air every three minutes and capture 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, including coronaviruses. Combined, the air supply system and filters provide a rapid, downward airflow in the cabin to minimize the horizontal spread of pathogens.

Rebooking and Cancelling Policies

If you need to change or cancel your travel because of the COVID-19, KLM offers you multiple options:

  • Until the day of departure, you may change your travel dates with no change fee, as described in your ticket conditions. Still, a fare difference may apply.
  • You can also change your destination with no change fee. You may use the full value of your original tickets for new tickets on KLM, Air France, Delta Air Lines, and Virgin Atlantic. Still, a fare difference may apply.
  • If you rebook your flight, you can also reserve the same extra options free of charge if available on your flight. For flights to some destinations, you may need to pay the fare difference for your extra options.
  • If you want to cancel your trip and have tickets booked with a departure before or on March 31, 2022, you can request a refund in the form of a refundable travel voucher. The voucher will be valid for one year after the date of issue, and you can use it to purchase a new ticket, including for a flight that takes place after the expiry date of the voucher, or to apply for a refund. For tickets booked with a departure on or after April 1st, 2022, you need to check your ticket conditions to see if you’re entitled to a refund.

If your flight is canceled, you can rebook your flight or request a cash refund. Rebooking is free if your new departure is 30 days before or 30 days after the original travel date and in the same travel class. If you want to rebook outside the 30 days, you may need to pay a fare difference.

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