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There are a total of 45 Boeing 737s in the KLM fleet, 5 of which are this series. This plane is configured in two classes, Europe Select class and Economy class, it cruises at 850kph and has a range of 4600km. This plane is used on short and medium-haul European flights (as well as Tbilisi, Tripoli, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Amman and Damascus).

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3.5 of 5
FromBudapest - Ferihegy (BUD)
ToAmsterdam - Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)
Excellent seat in the Economy Comfort zone. A lot of space for your legs. Also there is more seat recline than in economy. Food and drink is very poor, but okey for the short distance. Ans also there is no entertainment at this European flight. The cabin crew is very kind.
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