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More Space38-39"17.8"42

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There are more than 80 Airbus A320s in the Jet blue fleet and by taking delivery of a new plane every few weeks, they expect to have 202 A320s in their fleet by 2012. This plane has a total seating capacity of 156 passengers in a single class layout and is used mainly on medium-haul flights having a range of 2700 miles.
With the widest fuselage of any single-aisle aircraft, the Airbus A320 offers customers wider seats and aisles, more overhead storage space and greater legroom than any other aircraft in its class. All seats are equipped with an entertainment system, featuring 36 channels of DIRECTV® plus more than 100 channels of XM Satellite Radio for free and, on flights longer than two hours, a selection of movies on FOX InFlight Premium Entertainment.
JetBlue Airways took to the air on February 11, 2000 with the inauguration of service between New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Fort Lauderdale, FL. The airline currently serves 32 cities around the US and the Caribbean with a fleet of Embraer 190 and Airbus A320 aircraft. Jet Blue was the first airline to offer 24-channels of live satellite television free at every seat and to broadcast the Olympic Games live, the first U.S. airline to install bullet-proof cockpit doors across its fleet and the first airline to install security cameras in passenger cabin for customer and crew safety.
Rows 1-10: Plenty of legroom, 32″ of seat pitch
Rows 11-12: Most legroom, over 34″ of seat pitch
Rows 13-26: More legroom, 34″ of seat pitch

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4.5 of 5
FromNewark - Newark Liberty International (EWR)
ToMiami - Miami International Airport (MIA)
I last flew with this airline in May 2021 in my favourite seat, 7F with the wing and engine view on an Airbus A320 and the experience was perfect as always. The cabin was the new refreshed one and it was kept in a very clean state with all equipment in working order and the seats are nice and comfortable. The adjustable headrest is also a plus in terms of comfort. I am quite tall at 5ft 10 and the legroom can't be beat, even with my backpack under the seat in front of me, I had room to stretch out and relax and my legs didn't hurt. Excellent cabin service as always with kind and courteous flight attendants and entertainment options as well and power outlets are avaliable to charge your devices. The complimentary Wi-Fi was fast and I experienced no dropouts for the entire duration of my flight from MIA to EWR. I 100% recommend JetBlue.
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4.5 of 5
FromFort Lauderdale, FL-Fort Lauderdale/hollywood International (FLL)
ToAustin-Austin-Bergstrom International (AUS)
This was an extra legroom seat that was worth he upgrade on a 2.5 hour flight. I could stretch my legs fully (I am 5'11") and still could not touch the seat in front of me with my knees. This flight only had free prerecorded movies to watch with 2 in English and 1 in Spanish, as the DirectTV option is unavailable when not flying over the contiguous 48 states. Flight crew was very friendly and funny at times. The seat did feel a bit hard after 2.5 hours.
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FromNew York - John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
ToSantiago - Cibao International Airport (STI)
We flew a 1-year-old a321, let me tell you this plane is so quiet i was asked if we were in the air, we got there on time despite 30 minutes gate change due to ground incident , My company airlines is united but i don't fly on boeing planes, i use united if its an airbus, despite one male flight attendant attitude JetBlue is perfect all the time, free drinks yes free jack daniels
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FromNew York-JFK
ToReina Beatrix International Airport
Seat 3A had awesome legroom. My reclining option waas not working. Food and service was amazing. The entertainment system on the E190 and the A320 need to be be like the A321 with the all you can watch movie system. All though I love jetBlue but they need a safety video like all over airlines. Overall the flight was great, But my flight back to JFK was better because we got the A321.
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2.5 of 5
ToSan Juan, P.R.
The seats on jetBlue Airbus 320 are too hard and without reclining mechanism. Imagine flying five o more hours in a seat like that. I think this a cheap way of the airline industry to save. Nothing to compare to those seat on the Boeing 707 and the DC8 of the 60th.
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4.5 of 5
From Seattle
To Long beach, ca
As much as I hate to say it, Jet blue's Airbus A321 was comfortable with lots of leg room. Boeing is sill my preferred plane, airlines set leg room not the plane makers. Jet Blue gets an A for comfort but a D- for not buying American
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4.5 of 5
FromSan Juan-Luis Munoz Marin Intl (SJU)
ToOrlando-Orlando International (MCO)
JetBlue is a nice airline, has more leg room than most other economy class seats which is nice. Seat 20A has a excellent view. I flew for 2.7 hours and the flight was comfortable, in short is an excellent airline and definitely would return to travel with Jetblue
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4 of 5
I sat in A because I get airsick if I am in B,C,D,or E so my mom traded seats with me so she has B and I have A
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FromSan Juan - Luis Munoz Marin Intl (SJU)
ToNewark. New jersey
Everything was ok and comfortable is the first time and we enjoy it. I recommended more legroom space seats more recline
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4.5 of 5
FromPunta Cana
ToNew York JFK
OK out of all my comments, this was the BEST seat I've EVER sat in!
It was JetBlue 864. KEEP IT UP JETBLUE
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