JetBlue Airways Baggage and Carry-on

What is the carry-on allowance?

For the Blue Basic fare booked after 2/25/21 for travel on or after 7/20/21, the carry-on allowance includes only one personal item. Passengers who buy a Blue Basic fare but reserve an Even More Space seat will still get to bring a carry-on bag.

For Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint fares, the carry-on allowance includes one personal item and one carry-on bag.

What is the free checked baggage allowance?

Any checked bag included in the free baggage allowance is limited to a maximum weight of 50 lbs (22.68 kg) and a maximum size of 62 inches (157.48 cm). The number of checked bags included in the free baggage allowance depends on the fare purchased and route:

  • Blue Basic, Blue, Blue Extra – no free baggage allowance, the 1st checked bag fee is $35 ($5 off if added to the booking more than 24 hours before departure).
  • Blue Plus – 1st checked bag free.
  • Blue Mint – 1st and 2nd checked bags up to 70 lbs (31.8 kg) free.

The following items may be checked without charge and do not count toward the checked baggage allowance:

  • One stroller and one car seat (regardless of whether the customer is traveling or not with an infant/child).
  • Mobility and assistive devices (provided the passenger is dependent upon such devices).

What are the baggage policies in the case of codeshare or interline itineraries?

In the case of interline travel with JetBlue and a partner airline¹, JetBlue will apply the MSC rule and honor the baggage policy of the most significant international partner, with a few exceptions when the baggage allowance of the first carrier may apply for the entire journey, including flights on other airlines.

¹JetBlue’s partner airlines services and fees


Each passenger may bring on board the aircraft one carry-on bag and/or one small personal item (briefcase, purse, laptop, etc.). Both of them have to comply with size restrictions and must be stored in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

To fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you, the carry-on bag must comply with the following size restrictions: 22 inches (55.88 centimeters) length x 14 inches (35.56 centimeters) width x 9 inches (22.86 centimeters) height.

If a Blue Basic customer brings a carry-on bag to the gate (aside from the personal item), it needs to be checked and will incur the corresponding fee for checked baggage:

  • $65, if it’s the 1st or 2nd checked bag.
  • $180, if it’s the 3rd checked bag.

To fit under the seat in front of you, your personal item must not exceed the following dimensions – 17 inches (43.2 centimeters) length x 13 inches (33 centimeters) width x 8 inches (20.32 centimeters) height.

JetBlue Airways currently does not have a limit on the weight of carry-on bags. However, you should be able to place your items in the overhead bin without assistance.

If traveling with your pet, the pet carrier counts toward your carry-on allowance as a carry-on bag. Mobility or assistive devices may be carried on board, in addition to the carry-on allowance.

Checked Baggage

You may check your baggage at a JetBlue Remote Check-in location or at the airport. If you checked in online, you may drop your baggage at the designated bag drop location. When you check in using a kiosk, you may also check and tag your bags. At the kiosk, select yes when asked if you are checking bags, enter the number of bags, collect your boarding pass and bag tags, and proceed to the bag drop area.

A $3 fee per bag will be charged when checking your baggage at the curbside at New York JFK International Airport. Only credit/debit cards are accepted at the curb (tipping is optional, but appreciated).

Time Requirements

JetBlue Airways will not accept your checked baggage more than 6 hour before your scheduled departure time.

At the airport, the following time requirements apply for all checked baggage:

  • For domestic flights40 minutes before departure.
  • For international flights60 minutes before departure.

Size and Weight Restrictions

A checked bag that complies with the following size and weight restrictions will not be considered oversized or overweight baggage, therefore corresponding fees will not apply:

  • Size62 linear inches (157.48 linear cm).
  • Weight50 pounds (22.68 kg).

JetBlue Airways will not accept any piece of baggage that exceeds the following limitations:

  • Size80 linear inches (203.3 linear cm).
  • Weight99 pounds (44.91 kg).

On flights to/from the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Trinidad & Tobago, JetBlue Airways will not accept more than 2 checked bags per passenger, nor oversized or overweight baggage.

To/from Lima, Peru, maximum 2 checked bags per passenger are accepted, and the maximum allowed weight is 70 lbs (31.8 kg) per checked bag. Overweight/oversized fees will apply to baggage exceeding the size and weight restrictions.

JetBlue Airways will not accept boxes as checked baggage on international flights.


Where applicable (all Blue fares), JetBlue Airways charges a fee of $45 for the second checked bag that complies with the size and weight restrictions ($5 off if added to the booking more than 24 hours before departure).

An excess baggage fee of $150 per bag will be charged for each category of excess baggage (an additional and overweight and/or oversized bag will be subject to a combined fee):

  • Additional bags (3rd and following bags up to 50 lbs and 62 in).
  • Overweight bags (51 lbs / 23.13 kg – 99 lbs / 44.91 kg).
  • Oversized bags (63 in / 160 cm – 80 in / 203.3 cm).

Sporting Equipment

All sporting equipment (golf bag, ski/snowboard equipment, skateboard, fishing equipment, scuba equipment, etc.) accepted as checked baggage count as one of your checked bags. Surfboards and windsurfing/kitesurfing equipment are accepted on all flights except to/from Bermuda, Cuba, Haiti, Peru, Port of Spain, Santiago, and Santo Domingo.

Bicycles, surfboards, and windsurfing/kitesurfing equipment are accepted only upon payment of an additional fee of $100 each way. These sporting items are exempt from oversized and overweight fees, but the additional bag fee(s) may apply (i.e., if you buy a Blue fare ticket and check in one bicycle, you will pay a fee of $130, the $30 first bag fee plus the $100 additional fee).

Golf equipment, fishing rods, snow/water skis, snowboards, and wakeboards incur no oversized bag fee. You will have to pay any checked bag fee associated with the fare purchased and the overweight fee for items weighing over 50 lbs.

Baggage Service

If you forget an item on board an aircraft, you may call the JetBlue Baggage Service Office at the airport or JetBlue Central Baggage. Items found on board an aircraft or in a JetBlue terminal will be placed in the JetBlue lost and found area of the destination city.

In case of delayed or damaged baggage, it is important to make a baggage claim with a JetBlue crewmember at the airport. If you have already left the airport, call the JetBlue Baggage Service Office at the airport within 4 hours after arrival. After this initial notice, confirming written notice of any baggage related claim must be given to JetBlue Airways within 21 days of the occurrence of the event giving rise to the claim.

For international travel, the following time requirements regarding baggage claims apply:

  • In case of damaged baggage, written notice must be made within 7 days from the date of receipt of the checked baggage.
  • In case of delayed/lost baggage, written notice must be made within 21 days from the date on which the checked baggage was/should have been returned to the passenger.

You may follow up on a baggage claim online or by calling JetBlue Central Baggage Services.

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