Vueling flying with pets

Can I travel with my pet on Vueling flights?

Providing you comply at all times with Vueling’s regulations on the transportation of animals, you can take your pet with you in the passenger cabin. This service is not available for flights to/from the UK or Ireland. Also, Vueling does not offer the option of transporting animals in the hold of the aircraft.

What animals are accepted in the passenger cabin?

Vueling accepts only animals such as cats, dogs, birds (except birds of prey), fish, turtles and tortoises. Other animals such as rodents, rabbits, hares, pikas, farm animals or animals that produce smells (ferrets) or noises that are annoying for the rest of the passengers or that may put security on board the plane in danger are not allowed on board.

Pets in the Passenger Cabin

Vueling accepts a maximum of 2 pets per flight and only one pet per person. You can fly with your pet only if you purchase the Basic Fare.

You can add your pet when you book your flight online. Once the maximum number of pets per flight has been reached, the online booking system no longer offer this service. On round trip flights, the service must be booked for both journeys. On connecting flights, it must be booked for each leg. The service is available for flights operated by Vueling and Iberia.

Pets must be transported in a pet carrier that is not rigid. The maximum weight of the pet carrier (including the animal and its additional items) is 8 kg. The maximum dimensions of the pet carrier are 45 x 39 x 21 cm (L x W x H).

Only one animal per carrier is allowed, except birds or other small animals. The pet carrier must have breathing holes and a waterproof bottom. A homemade box is not acceptable. If, at the exclusive judgement of the cabin crew or airport personnel, the container is deemed to be unacceptable or unsafe, the service will be denied.

If you’re flying with a pet, you won’t be able to choose your seat or check in online. Animals may not be carried on Excellence or XL seats. On the day of the flight, you must go to the check-in desk to have a seat allocated, obtain your boarding pass and receive instructions on flying with your pet.


For providing this service, Vueling will charge an additional fee depending on the route:

  • €30 per pet each way on domestic flights.
  • €45 per pet each way on Canary Islands and international flights.

Assistance Dogs

Passengers requiring an Assistance Dog may take the animal on board with them provided that the animal is appropriately secured. Assistance Dogs are carried free of charge. Advance notice is required at least 3 days before departure. Vueling will require an official certificate qualifying the do as an Assistance Dog or Guide dog, issued by a member of International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) or Assistance Dogs International (ADI). If you fail to show the certificate, the dog will not be allowed on board.

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