Vueling flying with babies

Does Vueling have any restrictions regarding babies?

For safety reasons, Vueling does not accept on its flights babies less than 7 days old.

Children between 7 days and 2 years of age travel on the parent’s lap. Vueling allows one adult to travel with only one infant. One adult is allowed to fly with 2 babies only if one of them is 18 months old and travels in an approved car seat in his/her own seat, in which case the booking can only be made by calling the Reservation Center.

Does Vueling offer discounts for babies?

For passengers traveling with babies, only the Basic and Optima fares are available. The Excellence fare is not available for passengers traveling with babies. Flying with your baby incurs an additional cost which will be added to your booking. The additional cost for a baby (under 2 years old) is a fixed rate, which varies from €14.99 to €154.99.

Traveling with Babies

There are only certain seats that passengers traveling with a baby may occupy on board. At this time, it is possible for passengers traveling with a baby to check in online.

If you’re flying with an infant on lap, everything your baby needs must be carried inside your hand baggage. However, at the check-in desk, you can check in a total of 2 extra items (pushchair, carrycot or cot) at no additional cost.

You may check a pushchair, basket or cot providing it is fully folded. When there is an infant in the booking, Vueling always takes a pushchair into account so that you can take the pushchair right to the door of the plane at no extra cost. Pushchairs and baby cots may not be taken on board. You can pick up the pushchair at your final destination from the luggage collection belt.

You can travel comfortably with your baby sitting in a separate seat if you book a ticket for him/her and take on board an approved car seat (Maxi-Cosi-style with a maximum width of 44 cm). You must book a separate seat for your baby through Vueling Customer Services.

Passengers traveling with children have priority boarding on Vueling flights. At Barcelona Airport, there is also a priority security lane for passengers with children, and, if you have a connecting flight, the airport may provide you with a buggy on loan for the duration of the stopover.

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