Vueling Covid Rules

How does Vueling ensure a safe flight during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Vueling does all its best so that you can travel safely and with peace of mind by offering information to plan and prepare for your trip, putting in place strict safety measures and new protocols, and offering great flexibility.

Vueling is certified by Skytrax with the 4-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating for the safety measures and improved health and hygiene protocols introduced during the coronavirus pandemic.

Information to Plan and Prepare for Your Trip

To plan and prepare for your trip, you can check Vueling’s interactive map to find out about the entry restrictions and requirements in each country or region and the COVID-19 air travel guidelines that help you travel with peace of mind.

If you need a COVID-19 test to travel, you should know that Vueling reached agreements with several health centers and laboratories in Spain (Eurofins Megalab, UNILABS, Quirónprevención, ARQUIMEA) and other countries (ExpressTest, HALO, Randox in the UK, LifeBrain in Italy), to offer its customers a special discount on PCR and antigen tests.

Safety Measures and New Protocols

From the start, Vueling put in place strict safety measures recommended by the authorities to ensure the safety of both passengers and employees. These measures include:

  • Vueling has new cleaning protocols. The cabin is cleaned more frequently using specific products recommended by the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency, focusing on high-touch surfaces like folding tables, armrests, overhead lockers, toilets, etc. Cabins are disinfected daily with AESA-approved anti-viral spray.
  • The ventilation system reduces particle movement down to a minimum inside the cabin, which means that the virus doesn’t spread. Thanks to the seating layout, the backs of the seats acting as extra barriers, and the vertical airflow, potential exposure in the aircraft cabin is very low. Plus, powerful HEPA filters, which are up to 99.99% effective in eliminating bacteria, particles, and viruses, refresh the air every 3 minutes.
  • Face masks are mandatory throughout the flight. To protect themselves and the others, all passengers aged six and over and crew must wear surgical or higher-grade face masks.
  • Additional safety measures ensure the necessary social distancing and minimum physical interaction:
    • The check-in desks have been fitted with protective screens, and AENA has enhanced the cleaning and disinfection protocols in check-in and boarding areas.
    • Vueling introduced a new queuing system at all the customer service points, check-in, and boarding gates. If you want to avoid queues, it is better to use Online Check-in and bring your boarding passes from home. If you use the app to check in, you can show your boarding pass on your phone at security checkpoints and the boarding gate.
    • On board, Vueling offers each passenger a disposable disinfecting wipe and a little bag for rubbish. Also, single-use recyclable menus are available online by scanning the QR code on the seat in front and by debit/credit card payments.

Great Flexibility

Vueling offers you great flexibility for every fare and situation:

  • You can change the date or time of your flight up to 2 hours before the departure of your flight:
    • Basic fare:
      • Free of charge if you have purchased the Flex Pack service (3 to 10 EUR per passenger and booking). You only need to pay the price difference, if any.
      • From 40 EUR per passenger, each way to bring your flight forward (only available with mobile).
      • From 50 EUR + price difference per passenger, each way if you did not purchase the Flex Pack service.
    • Optima and Family fares:
      • Free of charge the first time you change your flight.
      • From 40 EUR per passenger, each way to bring your flight forward (only available with mobile).
      • From 50 EUR + price difference, each way for the second and all subsequent changes.
    • TimeFlex fare – unlimited changes free of charge + price difference.
  • If you made a mistake when you booked your flight, you have 24 hours from the time of purchase to change the time or day free of charge, and all you will pay is the fare difference if any.
  • In the event of exceptional circumstances (illness, operation, high-risk pregnancy, or court summons), you can also request a date change and only pay any fare difference. You have one month from the date of the flight to submit the relevant documentation online.

If you decide not to travel, you can cancel your flight free of charge up to 48 hours before departure and save the amount in the form of Flight Credit if you booked the Optima, Family, or TimeFlex Fare, or if you have purchased the Flex Pack.

If your flight has been canceled, you can choose another date or time on the same route, free of charge (route changes are not permitted), or request a refund and get a voucher (Flight Credit) or a cash refund.

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