TAROM check-in

What check-in options do I have for TAROM flights?

Besides the option to check-in at TAROM counters, passengers have several self-check-in options:

  • Online Check-in.
  • Mobile Check-in.
  • Kiosk Check-in.

What is the check-in deadline for TAROM flights?

For all TAROM flights, passengers are recommended to arrive at the airport for check-in procedures at least 45 minutes before the departure time. If passengers do not arrive in due time for check-in procedures, they lose their right to travel on that flight, and TAROM reserves the right to use the seats available after the check-in procedures are closed.

Online Check-in

Online Check-in is available from 30 hours until 1 hour before departure for all flights operated by TAROM, as well as flights with RO code operated by its codeshare partners Air France (AF), KLM (KL), Air Europa (UX) and ALITALIA (AZ) departing from:

  • Bucharest (OTP) to all domestic and international destinations.
  • All domestic airports.
  • The following international airports:
♦ Amman (AMM)♦ Brussels (BRU)**♦ London (LHR & LTN)♦ Salonic (SKG)
♦ Amsterdam (AMS)*♦ Budapest (BUD)♦ Madrid (MAD)♦ Sofia (SOF)
♦ Athens (ATH)♦ Frankfurt (FRA)♦ Munich (MUC)♦ Strasbourg (SXB)***
♦ Barcelona (BCN)♦ Hamburg (HAM)♦ Nice (NCE)♦ Tel Aviv (TLV)
♦ Beirut (BEY)♦ Istanbul (IST)♦ Paris (CDG)***♦ Turin (TRN)
♦ Belgrade (BEG)♦ Kishinev (KIV)♦ Prague (PRG)♦ Valencia (VLC)
♦ Bologna (BLQ)♦ Larnaca (LCA)♦ Rome (FCO)♦ Vienna (VIE)
*KLM Online Check-in**Available up to 150 minutes before the flight.***Air France Online Check-in


Online Check-in is available to every passenger who is in possession of an electronic ticket, except the following categories of passengers:

  • Unaccompanied Minors.
  • Passengers traveling with pets.
  • Passengers with special requirements (e.g. passengers with disabilities).

If your itinerary includes a flight connection, you can check in for both flights and get a single boarding pass. Similarly, you can check in for the return flight if it is scheduled within 24 hours from the start of the trip. You can perform simultaneous check-in formalities for maximum 9 passengers.

By default, passengers are assigned a seat on the plane. You can change seats for you and for the passengers you checked in at the previous step. You can only change the seat once. The seat may not be changed once the boarding pass is issued.

It is mandatory to print two copies of the boarding pass. Also, TAROM recommends printing the document “Trip Summary and Receipt” (the representatives of the border police may request this document in addition to the boarding pass). In some cases, you can print only the “Confirmation” of your check-in, based on which you will receive the boarding pass at the check-in counter.

If you have checked baggage, you must go to the TAROM Baggage Drop-Off counter at the airport at least 45 minutes before the time of departure. If only have hand baggage, you can go directly to the boarding gate while respecting the time limit on your boarding pass.

Mobile Check-in

For TAROM operated flights and from 30 hours up to 60 minutes before departure, Mobile Check-in is available to all passengers holding e-Tickets except the following categories of passengers:

  • Unaccompanied Minors.
  • Passengers requiring Medical Assistance or wheelchair.
  • Passengers registered as a group of more than 9 people in the booking.
  • Passengers with special service requests (special meals, extra seat, pets, etc.).
  • Deportees.

Mobile Check-in is available when departing from Bucharest – Henri Coanda International Airport (OTP) and the following airports:

♦ All domestic airports*♦ Belgrade (BEG)*♦ Dublin (DUB)♦ London (LHR)♦ Rome (FCO)
♦ Amman (AMM)*♦ Bergamo (BGY)♦ Frankfurt (FRA)♦ London (LTN)♦ Sofia (SOF)*
♦ Athens (ATH)♦ Bologna (BLQ)♦ Istanbul (IST)♦ Munich (MUC)♦ Tel Aviv (TLV)*
♦ Barcelona (BCN)♦ Brussels (BRU)♦ Kishinev (KIV)♦ Nice (NCE)♦ Turin (TRN)
♦ Beirut (BEY)*♦ Budapest (BUD)♦ Larnaca (LCA)♦ Prague (PRG)♦ Vienna (VIE)
*Due to immigration authorities regulations, you can check-in yourself using your mobile phone, but you still need to pick up the boarding pass from the check-in counter for departures out of these cities.


Not requiring any additional application downloads, Mobile Check-in is accessible on all mobile phones with internet access and allows you to check in, select seats using the seat map, and send your boarding pass to your mobile phone (text message) and/or email address.

Kiosk Check-in

The Kiosk Check-in option is available for domestic and international flights departing from Bucharest – Henri Coanda (OTP). Available in 14 languages, Kiosk Check-in allows you to check-in, select your seat using the seat map and print boarding pass.

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