TAROM flying with pets

Does TAROM allow passengers to travel with their pets?

TAROM allows passengers to travel with their pets, but only dogs and cats. Your pet can travel in the passenger cabin or in the hold, but, before going on a trip with your pet, you should inform yourself about all the imposed flight conditions for each transportation type.

Are there restrictions for acceptance of pets depending on the route?

Due to the restrictive local legislation, TAROM will not accept pets for transportation, neither in the passenger cabin (PETC), nor in the hold (AVIH) toward the following destinations: London (Great Britain) and Dubai (the United Arab Emirates). Also, certain restrictive rules apply for traveling with your pet to Israel.

What health and documentation requirements apply for acceptance of pets on TAROM flights?

In order to be accepted on TAROM flights, pets must be clean and healthy and should not be pregnant. You must have an international passport for your pet. Also, if you are traveling in the Schengen space, the pet must be vaccinated according to the access requirements of the destination country and have an identification microchip.

Pets in the Passenger Cabin

Only dogs and cats are allowed in the passenger cabin. The pet must weigh up to 5 kg (including the weight of the cage), and maximum dimensions of the cage must not exceed 42 x 30 x 21 cm.

First of all, pets must be mentioned when the passenger books the flight ticket because the pet has to be confirmed for traveling by TAROM and only afterwards can be accepted on board. A passenger can transport only one cage, and only a limited number of pets are accepted according to the aircraft type:

Pets transported in the passenger cabin shouldn’t produce any discomfort for the other passengers and must be transported in a standard IATA cage or in a soft-sided carrier (soft bag). Standard IATA cages can be bought from the Ticket Release office from the Otopeni airport or from the stores specialized in selling pet products. Soft-sided carriers of impermeable textile material must comply with the international regulations, but TAROM does not provide this type of cage to its passengers.


Pets transported in the passenger cabin are considered special baggage and not included in the free baggage allowance. TAROM will charge a fee depending on the route:

  • 25 EUR – domestic routes (within Romania).
  • 50 EUR – routes within Europe and between Romania and the Middle East.
  • 100 EUR – all other routes.

Pets as Checked Baggage

To transport your pet as checked baggage on TAROM flights, you must mention this when booking the flight ticket and receive confirmation from TAROM. If a passenger comes to the check-in desk without a prior reservation or doesn’t comply with the conditions imposed by TAROM (animal weight, standard cage, health state, etc.), TAROM can deny the transportation services for the pet.

The transportation of pets is not allowed in the hold of the Airbus A318 aircraft. In the hold, pets must be transported in a standard IATA cage. The weight of the animal plus cage must not exceed 75 kg. Dogs over 40 kg (cage not included) may be accepted only as cargo.

Puppies and kittens under 12 weeks of age or unweaned are not accepted for carriage. In one container can be transported:

Maximum 3 animals from the same litter and of comparable size up to 6 months old and 8 kg each.

Maximum 2 adult animals that are accustomed to cohabitation and of comparable size up to 14 kg each.

There is a limitation on the maximum number of containers allowed per passenger, as well as for the maximum dimensions of the animal container:


Max. number of containers per passenger

Max. dimensions per container (L x W x H)

ATR 42, ATR 72


71 x 50 x 51 cm

Boeing B737 300, B737 700, B737 800


122 x 82 x 84 cm


Pets transported in the hold as checked baggage are not included in the free baggage allowance. TAROM will charge a fee depending on the route:

  • 50 EUR – domestic routes (within Romania).
  • 100 EUR – routes within Europe and between Romania and the Middle East.
  • 200 EUR – all other routes.

Service Dogs

Service Dogs accompanying passengers with limited mobility are transported free of charge. Passengers traveling accompanied by Service Dogs must mention this upon booking or at least 48 hours before departure. Service Dogs are accepted in the passenger cabin, but it is not required to travel in a cage. However, Service Dogs must wear a muzzle and have a medical certificate.

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