TAROM Baggage and Carry-on

What is TAROM policy with regard to hand baggage?

Any baggage taken in the passenger cabin represents hand baggage and is deposited in the baggage compartment above your seat. On TAROM flights, passengers may take on board one piece of hand baggage plus one personal item.

What is TAROM policy with regard to checked baggage?

On flights operated by TAROM, all passengers have a free checked baggage allowance, depending on the class of travel. In case the ticket itinerary contains TAROM flights in connection with flights operated by other airlines, the allowance and charges of the first operating carrier en route shall be applied for the checked sectors (passengers might be separately charged by other carriers participating en route).

Hand Baggage

Passengers are entitled to carry in the cabin one piece of hand baggage with a maximum size of 55 x 35 x 25 cm (length x width x depth). If you fly with an ATR aircraft, TAROM recommends taking a hand baggage with a maximum size of 35 x 30 x 20 cm.

Passengers can also take in the cabin, as hand luggage, one personal item: purse or briefcase, camera/video bag, laptop, or an object smaller or similar to the one piece of hand baggage. The total weight of your hand baggage (1 piece plus 1 personal item) must not exceed 10 kg.

Checked Baggage

Regardless of the class of travel, one standard piece of checked baggage has a weight of maximum 23 kg and dimensions of maximum 158 cm (height + width + length). The number of pieces included in the free baggage allowance depends on the class of travel, and extra allowance may be offered to certain categories of passengers:

  • Economy Class1 standard piece.
  • Business Class2 or 3 standard pieces, depending on route.
  • SkyTeam Elite & Elite Plus1 extra standard piece.
  • Sailors who paid dedicated rates – 1 extra standard piece only in Economy Class.

As an exception, the maximum weight allowed per piece is 30 kg, without any additional fee, for flights between Bucharest and Amman, Beirut or Dubai.

Extra Baggage

Pieces of baggage exceeding 32 kg and/or 158 cm require authorization from TAROM. The number of accepted pieces is limited depending on the aircraft type operating the flight, and prior arrangement with TAROM is required in case of excess:

For baggage exceeding the free baggage allowance, passengers will need to pay extra baggage fees depending on the route:

Extra BaggageFee per Piece
Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3
1st additional standard piece in Economy Class50 EUR50 EUR150 EUR
Any other additional standard piece150 EUR150 EUR150 EUR
Piece over 23 kg (50.5 lbs) up to max. 32 kg (70.5 lbs)100 EUR100 EUR100 EUR
Piece over 32 kg up to max. 45 kg with authorization (e.g., musical instruments)100 EUR200 EUR300 EUR
Piece with dimensions over 158 cm up to max. 203 cm, with authorisation50 EUR100 EUR300 EUR
Zone 1 – domestic routes (within Romania).
Zone 2 – routes within Europe and between Romania and the Middle East.
Zone 3 – all other routes.

Sporting Equipment

Some sporting equipment may be considered as part of the free baggage allowance. In this case, sporting equipment up to 23 kg is considered as a standard piece of baggage, regardless of its dimension. For certain sporting equipment, a fee will always be charged (regardless if the free baggage allowance is exceeded or not):

Sporting EquipmentFee per Piece
Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3
Bicycle, surfboard longer than 107 cm, windboard,
kiteboard, bodyboard, scuba diving equipment
*Windsurf equipment, canoes, kayaks
**Weapons (hunting, sporting) and ammunition
50 EUR100 EUR200 EUR
Golf, ski and fishing equipment
Other sporting equipment
Up to 23 kg – included in the free baggage allowance.
Over 23 kg – charged for extra weight as regular baggage.
*Not allowed in ATR 72 and ATR 42 aircraft.
**Free of charge on the domestic sector if the itinerary includes a connection with an international sector.

Baggage Services

Upon arrival to the destination, if your baggage is damaged or does not arrive on the same flight, you must contact TAROM Lost & Found desks before leaving the airport. Any complaint for damage to baggage must be made in writing within 7 days from the date of receipt (in case of delay, within 3 weeks from the date on which the baggage has been placed at the passenger’s disposal).

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