Alitalia Airlines - Air One check-in

How can I check in for an Alitalia flight?

You can choose from four check-in options:

  • Web Check-in.
  • Mobile Check-in.
  • Fast Check-in.
  • Tele Check-in.

When must I check in for my Alitalia flight?

Check-in time limits are different at each airport. Alitalia will advise you on the time limit for check-in for the first flight shown on your ticket, but you must inquire about the check-in deadlines for any and all subsequent flights.

If you do not comply with the check-in deadline for your flight, Alitalia reserves the right to cancel your confirmed reservation for the first flight indicated on the ticket, as well as for subsequent flights. Depending on your itinerary and departure airport, check-in time limits vary as follows:

  • Flights from Italy:
    • 35-40 minutes before departure for domestic flights.
    • 40-60 minutes before departure for medium-haul flights.
    • 60 minutes before departure for long-haul flights.
  • Flight from outside Italy:
    • 40 minutes before departure for medium-haul flights, with the following exceptions:
      • Cairo – 45 minutes before departure.
      • Algiers, Amman, Beirut, Casablanca, Tel Aviv, Tunis – 60 minutes before departure.
    • 60 minutes before departure for all long-haul flights.

Web Check-in

To start Web Check-in, you should select the flight and enter the information about your reservation and companions. After that, you can choose additional services: like pay for excess baggage online, or choose your seat. Finally, you have to choose how you want to retrieve your boarding pass: on your PC, mobile device with Internet access (boarding pass sent via text message), or at the airport (Fast Check-in kiosk or check-in desk).

It is only possible to collect your boarding pass at the airport for the following flights:

  • Flights from Algiers, Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Casablanca, Johannesburg, Malé, Moscow, New Delhi, Tripoli, Toronto, and Tunis.
  • Flights to Havana, Moscow, New Delhi, St. Petersburg, Tripoli, and Toronto.

Passengers departing from the United States should present themselves at the check-in desks three and a half hours before flight departure for document checks. Also, the Electronic Boarding Pass cannot be used at US airports, and a paper boarding pass must be printed at a check-in desk or the Fast Check-in kiosk.

When you use Web Check-in, you can check your baggage at dedicated Drop-off Desks, available at main airports. At other airports, you can check your baggage at a Business Class check-in desk.


The service is available beginning 48 hours before the flight’s departure date, even if you have baggage to be checked. Pay attention to these exceptions for Web Check-in opening times:

  • 30 hours before departure from Amsterdam and Paris.
  • 30 hours before the scheduled departure time of the connecting flight operated by KLM, Air France, Delta Airlines, or Etihad.
  • 24 hours before departure to/from the US and from Geneva and Zurich.

Web Check-in is available up to 45 minutes before departure for domestic flights and up to 90 minutes before departure for international flights.

Web Check-in may not be available for departure from some airports.


You can’t use this service if you are in one of these categories:

Mobile Check-in

Mobile Check-in is available for single flights to the main Italian airports and some European destinationsMobile Check-in is not available for:

  • Children up to 12 years of age.
  • Unaccompanied Minors.
  • Passengers with special assistance requests.
  • Passengers traveling with special baggage, like sports equipment or animals.
  • Passengers who have connecting flights on the same day that are operated by other airlines.

It is a simple process through the Alitalia app, where you have to identify yourself by your full name and your MilleMiglia membership code, ticket number, or reservation code (PNR), choose your flight and confirm or change your assigned seat.

After you confirmed it, you can save the Electronic Boarding Pass on your mobile phone to avoid having to reconnect when showing the card at the airport security gates. Place the phone with the code clearly visible on the display over of the optical reader at the gate when boarding, and show your identification to staff. At the boarding gate, every passenger must show the Electronic Boarding Pass on his/her own mobile device.

Fast Check-in

You can use the Fast Check-in kiosks for domestic (excluding Rimini) and international flights (except for Libya, Russia, China, Canada, and the US) and flights connecting with any Air France or KLM flights. The three easy step for Fast Check-in are:

  • You must identify yourself via your Frequent Flyer card, a machine-readable passport, MilleMiglia code, Number on the electronic ticket or a Booking code,
  • You need to confirm your flight and finally retrieve the boarding pass and receipt.
  • You should go to the special Baggage Drop-off desk to check your baggage.

Passengers departing from Rome (Fiumicino), Milan (Linate and Malpensa), Florence, Naples, Palermo, Bologna, Genoa, Venice, Bari, Brindisi, Catania, Lamezia Terme, Reggio Calabria, Turin, and Trieste, and Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London Heathrow, Nice, Paris (Charles De Gaulle and Orly), Athens, Boston, Sao Paulo and Tokyo can use this system and enjoy the advantages of Fast Check-in:

  • Change your reservation.
  • Check in up to seven passengers on the same reservation at the same time.
  • Print your boarding pass with Web Check-in, Mobile Check-in or Tele Check-in.
  • Select your seat.

Tele Check-in

This service is only available for members of Ulisse, Freccia Alata or Freccia Alata Plus Clubs. Freccia Alata Plus members can call the dedicated number, while Ulisse and Freccia Alata members call the MilleMiglia Member Service. Tele Check-in is available if you are traveling with only hand baggage for some routes:

  • Departing from all Italian airports to domestic or international (Schengen area including London) destinations.
  • From major European cities (Athens, Barcelona, Frankfurt, London or Madrid) to Rome Fiumicino, Milan Linate or Milan Malpensa.

The person traveling with you and included in your booking can take advantage of the same service. Remember that this service is available from 4 hours to 60 minutes before the departure of a medium-haul international flight (Schengen area including London) and up to 40 minutes before the departure of a domestic flight. You must retrieve your boarding pass in Freccia Alata lounges (Freccia Alata and Freccia Alata Plus members), at dedicated check-in desks (Ulisse members) or at the Fast Check-in kiosks (at all major Italian airports):

  • For domestic flight – 30 minutes before departure.
  • For medium-haul international flight – 40 minutes before departure.
  • For long-haul international flight – 60 minutes before departure.

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