Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) flying with pets

Are pets allowed on SAS Airlines flights?

On all SAS Airlines flights, pets may be transported in the cabin or cargo hold with a few exceptions:

  • In SAS Business class, pets are not permitted in the cabin.
  • When flying to or from UK or Ireland, pets and animals are not allowed to be in the cabin or as checked baggage. Only Service Dogs are accepted for travel in the cabin.

Which pets are allowed to travel on SAS Airlines flights?

In the cabin, SAS Airlines will transport only cats and dogs. Pets other than cats and dogs are welcome to fly with SAS Airlines but will be transported in the cargo hold. Service Dogs always travel for free in the cabin.

Puppies and kittens must be at least 8 weeks old. Remember that kittens up until the age of 13 weeks must also have a veterinary certificate that demonstrates that they are fit to be transported.

Are there any special requirements when traveling with pets on SAS Airlines flights?

Passengers should book a space for the animal as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours after booking the flight ticket, online or through SAS Customer Service. There is a fixed price per cage and per itinerary, and having the cage dimensions readily available is a must so that SAS can determine if the cage can be transported in the hold on the desired flight.

In certain cases, there are specific conditions that must be fulfilled in order to bring a pet into another country. Passengers must secure proper documentation of the pet’s health for entry and transfer for all countries en route, and also provide the animal with a tattoo or microchip, where applicable, and an animal passport when traveling within or entering the EU.

When traveling with pets, the owner must fill out a form before departure. The form is not required for domestic travel in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

Pet in Cabin

A limited number of animals are allowed per flight. Each passenger can bring on board one pet cage/bag, which can hold maximum two pets, and no additional cabin baggage.

The pet must be placed in a transport bag/cage under the seat in front of the passenger during take-off and landing. The cage/bag (e.g., a small Sherpa bag or soft-sided pet carrier) must be approved for flight transportation. It is not permitted to bring on board animals in a normal bag.

The transport bag/cage must be large enough for the pet to be able to turn, stand and lie down naturally, otherwise, check-in staff can reject the box. The animal bag/cage must conform to the following requirements:

  • Weight including animal – maximum 8 kg (18 lbs).
  • Dimensions – maximum 40 x 25 x 23 cm (16 x 10 x 9 inches).

Pets in the Hold

Pets that are checked in as baggage must travel in transport cages that are solid, tight, clean, and disinfected. The cage must be made of fiberglass, metal (not wire or metal mesh), or hard plastic and equipped with handles on the sides. The cage must also be equipped with containers for food and water and the bottom should be covered with a layer of newspaper or sawdust (not hay or straw).

Two animals, each weighing up to 14 kg, can be transported in the same cage if they live together on a daily basis, but animals over 14 kg must travel individually. A maximum of three animals can be transported together if they are under 6 months old and come from the same litter.

When pets are transported in the hold, the pressure and temperature are the same as in the passenger cabin, but the availability of oxygen in the cargo hold for live animals limits the number and size of the animals that are transported at the same time.


Service Dogs always travel free of charge with SAS Airlines.

Pets are not included as part of the free baggage allowance, but shall be considered excess baggage, for which the applicable fee must be paid:

  • Pet in cabin – EUR 55-99 / USD 60-105/ DKK 420-740 / NOK/SEK 550 – 990.
  • Pet in the hold – EUR 90-270 / USD 100-310/ DKK 680-2020 / NOK/SEK 950 – 2800.

Passenger should check with the other airline to see what rules apply if they are traveling onward with one of SAS partners on a codeshare flight.

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