Air India seat reviews

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ToChicago-Chicago Ohare Intl (ORD)
Excellent experience travelling in executive class AI 127.
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FromMelbourne-Melbourne International Airport (MLB)
ToNew Delhi-Indira Gandhi Intl (DEL)
I chose this air India flight as it was non stop, thus alleviating that awful feeling of having to change often in the middle of the night.l I also wanted the experience of flying on the Dreamliner of which I had heard such good reports. Well, the plane lived up to its reputation as the interior of the cabin has a much more spacious feeling and the leg room is a big improvement. I was in luck on this flight as the loading was light so I scored 3 seats to myself so I could lie down & get a little sleep!
The interior lighting is an improvement too as the cabin was dimmed when no food was being served.
Food was pretty bland airline stuff with not much similarity between both meals. They could have been almost interchangeable. The crew whilst friendly do not go out of their way to offer service as do some other airlines.
Having flown Qantas most of my life with some Asian airlines thrown in you are aware that the crew don't check that all passengers are buckled up and loose stuff is stowed away.
However, I will fly the Dreamliner to Delhi again as a direct flight wins hands down with me.
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FromNew Delhi-Indira Gandhi Intl (DEL)
ToKolkata-Netaji Subhas Chandra (CCU)
Great experience
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One of the best flights I have flown.The Staff were very courteous and as the plane was only half filled there was lot of space to stretch. Would recommend Air India to all on this sector.
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FromNew York-John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
ToNew Delhi-Indira Gandhi Intl (DEL)
First of all the map here as shown is wrong. My seat (39A) was not where it is being shown. But it was a good seat nevertheless. The seat was comfortable compared to some of the other airlines with same model of planes. The flight was very good, the crew was very attentive (it could be because the plane was half empty). The entertainment system left a lot to be desired as it was working intermittently. The camera didnt work well either. The food was good.The overhead reading light kept turning on & off by itself.
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The seats are comfortable but can feel a little hard after a few hours, however, what really stands out is the amount of leg room. The distance from the edge of the seat to the magazine holder is 29cms, leaving approx 10-15 cms from your knees to the seat in front.
The other great feature is footrests are provided in economy. Each rest has a rotating massage bar which helps with relaxation and blood circulation.
The light and bright interior along with the redesigned sleek overhead baggage compartments helps relive that claustrophobic feel most airlines have. The quieter engines and air conditioning was a welcome relief. My skin and eyes were not as dehydrated as they normally would be on a flight.
The screens are large approx 24cm (w) x 17cm (h), however, the movie selection was poor. The latest releases were not really latest releases (eg Lincoln). The system did not offer any English music and games were very limited.
Under Hindi movies and audio there was a much wider selection and quantity.
Our flights overlapped months, however, despite the new October inflight magazine indicating new movies we were stuck with the previous months which we had seen.
The drink and meal service was lacking. Lunch 1 ½ hrs into the flight then a light dinner 7 hours later, with no snacks in between. I strongly recommend you take your own snacks as this is a 12 hour flight.
Overall, I enjoyed the experience and loved the fact you can fly direct Melbourne to Delhi.
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Awesome experience... felt almost nothing even though there was serious turbulence throughout the journey, specially during the takeoff at Kolkata. The takeoff and landing were super smooth. AI Staff were, for a change, on the younger side (except the lead Stewardess) and very courteous. The food, for a 2hr snacks option, was quite good actually. Dimming effect of window panes were great, so was the changing light-themes inside the cabin. Only glitch was the touch screen of my AVOD which was very reluctant to respond. The headphones were present in the seat pockets and were good quality. A welcome change to the normal AI experience.
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FromParis-Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
ToNew Delhi-Indira Gandhi Intl (DEL)
I enjoyed traveling in business class on this new boeing 787 mainly because the engines are much more silent. This seat is a bit too narrow when sleeping even though I'm a slim person. It's also not soft enough and would need an extra matress to sleep well.
The food is fair but not good enough for business class and should be served in real plates and not in plastic or aluminium plates. The cabin crew was kind and helpful.
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Immediately the craft landed , the last part of the plane viz from seat no 35 to 40 swayed from left to right at least by 3 feet of course the plane as seen in the front camera was going ahead ok.This was further confirmed when I occupied seat no 18 C while landing at Ahmedabad on return journey.THE LANDING WAS SMOOTH IN BOTH THE CASES SO THERE WAS NO CONTRIBUTION FROM PILOT HANDLING.
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FromNewark-Newark Liberty International (EWR)
ToFrankfurt-Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
Love Air India,went on it in business class and very reasonable prices.
Cons:Leg Room width is a little too little
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