Air India flying with babies

How old should be my baby to be allowed on an Air India flight?

Under normal conditions, an infant must be at least 14 days old to be accepted to travel with Air India on either domestic or international routes.

However, if the flight is intended to transport a newborn to a location where he or she is to receive a life saving treatment, the infant may be accepted on board even if he or she is less than 14 days old. In such special circumstances, the baby must be accompanied by both the mother and a doctor, must be deemed as “fit to fly”, and medical certificates from an Obstetrician and Pediatrician must be provided.

When am I required to reserve a seat for my child?

An infant is a child aged under 2. Infants travelling on an infant ticket have no separate seat allotted and must be held on the lap during the flight. On Air India international flights, the infant fare is equal to 10% of the basic normal adult fare, based on the fare type. For domestic travel, the infant base fare is INR 1250 (subject to change without notice). In addition to this fare, applicable taxes, airline fuel charges and fees may also be charged. If an adult, together with their infant, already possessed a ticket bought on a special discounted fare, infant discounts may not be applicable anymore.

Should your child turn two during a flight, a special ticket will have to be issued for your baby, charged part infant fare, part child fare.

If, however, a seat is explicitly required for an infant, a child ticket is required since the baby will no longer benefit from the infant fare, but from the child fare. The child fare is 75% of the basic normal adult fare for international travel. No child discount applies for domestic travel.

Infant on Lap

An infant must be booked together with an adult on the same Passenger Name Record (PNR). Infants are not eligible for occupying a seat, consequently must travel on lap. Bassinets for use during the flight are available on Boeing B747 400, Boeing B777 200LR, Boeing B777 300ER, and Boeing B787 Dreamliner in Executive/Business and Economy Class. In case you wish to reserve a seat with a bassinet, Air India staff will communicate this in advance to you before confirming the selection. Bassinet seats for infants are free of charge. Also, one accompanying child or adult booked in the same Booking Reference will be provided an adjoining seat free of charge at the time of ticket booking, subject to availability.

Since they have no allocated seat, infants are subject to an infant fare. When a seat is required for an infant, he or she will have to pay a child fare, instead of an infant one.

Infants are not entitled to a carry-on allowance, but when an adult travels accompanied by an infant, regardless if the infant has a separate seat or not, an infant carrying basket or a fully collapsible pushchair or stroller may be brought in the passenger cabin. If there is not enough space available in the cabin, the pushchair or stroller may be packed as checked baggage.

Under normal circumstances, no liquid articles are allowed in the passenger cabin. However, you can bring along your baby’s feeding bottle, as well as baby food for consumption during the flight.

Infants without a seat are entitled to a free baggage allowance of 10 kg plus one collapsible stroller, carrycot or car seat. When the Piece Concept applies, the total linear dimensions of the piece of checked baggage must do not exceed 115 cm (45 inches).

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