Air India check-in

How can I check in when travelling with Air India?

Several check-in options are available for passengers travelling with Air India:

  • Airport Counter Check-in.
  • Web Check-in.
  • Mobile Check-in.
  • Kiosk Check-in.
  • City Check-in.

When must I check in when travelling with Air India?

Depending on the route, as well as on the preferred check-in method, you have different time windows in which you can complete the check-in procedures.

If you have to travel within India, you can check-in at the airport counters from 2 hours prior to scheduled flight departure up to 45 minutes before take off, regardless of your ticket class.

Passengers departing from Jammu, Leh and Srinagar must be present at the airport at least 120 minutes prior to departure, since extra security measures will be taken.

Check-in counters for domestic flights departing from an international terminal, as well as for the domestic leg of an international flight, close 60 minutes before departure.

International travelers must report at the counters from 3 hours up to 1 hour before scheduled flight departure, regardless of their ticket class. These time limits were set in such a manner as to allow all passengers to successfully undergo all the required formalities from checking-in all the way to boarding the plane.

Web Check-in

Passengers travelling with Air India can check in online for both domestic and international flights by simply following the easy, 6-step process. During the Web Check-in procedure, you have the liberty to check yourself in (and any other fellow travelers), select your desired seat, as well as print your boarding pass. In order to successfully complete the process, all you need is a personal computer with internet access and a printer.


The time frame for completing the Web Check-in procedure is from 2 days to 2 hours before scheduled departure. There are a few specific flights for which Web Check-in starts 54 hours before departure.

All travel classes are eligible for this type of service, provided that the passenger holds a confirmed booking and an e-ticket.


Web Check-in is not available for flights from Dhaka, as well as codeshare flights, including all Alliance Air flights (AI 9000 series).

Certain categories of passengers are not eligible for Web Check-in. For example, travelers with disabilities, passengers with special requests or Unaccompanied Minors cannot benefit from this service.

If you want to cancel your check-in, you cannot do so by accessing the online platform. Instead, you are supposed to whether contact the airline’s call center, or go directly at the airport counters and seek the help of the airline’s staff.


If you are planning to use the Web Check-in platform, you should know that you can check in a maximum of nine passengers at one time, provided they are booked in a single Passenger Name Record (PNR).

Infants can also be checked online if associated with an adult on the same PNR.

During Web Check-in, you may choose any of the available seats shown on the seat map. However, Air India reserves the right to change the assigned seats due to operational reasons.

Although the Web Check-in service is recommended for passengers travelling with their carry-on luggage only, those with baggage to check can also avail of the service. Specially designated Baggage Drop Counters can be used to check in your baggage, as well as complete other formalities. These dedicated counters close 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure – for domestic flights, and 60 minutes before take-off – for international flights.

Boarding Pass

For domestic flights, you can print your own boarding pass and proceed with it to the airport. The boarding pass printed as a result of the Web Check-in will allow you to go straight to the security inspection at the airport, provided that you are travelling with your carry-on baggage only. However, if you have any baggage to check, you still need to visit the Baggage Drop counter, for proper baggage check-in and for collecting your luggage tags.

For international flights, passengers are provided with a confirmation slip – initially replacing the traditional boarding card. At the dedicated counters, all the passengers’ documentation will be verified, as well as their baggage registered (if any), and the confirmation slip will be exchanged for a boarding pass.

However, for international flights from airports outside India, on successful completion of Web Check-in, you will be issued your Boarding Pass (print Boarding Pass or send to your email address for printing later), with which you can proceed straight through Customs, Immigration and Security if you are travelling with carry-on baggage only.

Mobile Check-in

You can check-in for your Air India flight also through your mobile device, provided that you have internet access on it. By accessing the AI Mobile App (available for Apple and Android devices), you can not only undergo the check-in procedures, but also view the timetables for different flights, as well as get different contact information, such as useful phone numbers and email addresses.


The Mobile Check-in service is available for all Air India flights (domestic and international), except codeshare and Alliance Air (AI 9000 series) flights, and can be performed by passengers holding a confirmed booking of any travel class.

You can check in using your mobile device starting 2 days and until 90 minutes before departure. Moreover, you can access the timetable and find out the flight schedules for seven days, the current day of inquiry being included.


Special passengers, such as Unaccompanied Minors, travelers with disabilities or with special requirements / needs cannot avail of this type of service.

Once completed, the mobile check-in procedure cannot be cancelled online. Therefore, only by contacting Air India’s call center, or by visiting the check-in counters at the airport, can you invalidate the procedure already finalized.


With Mobile Check-in, it is possible to check in for multiple flights, as long as they are within 48 hours of departure time. You must check in for your flights in the order of travel sequence (your earlier flight first).

The Mobile Check-in facility allows you to select your preferred seat, check in your entire family (one member at a time) – should all of them be booked on the same PNR, and even complete the check-in procedure for groups of travelers consisting of nine members at most, but only if they are booked in the same Passenger Name Record.

Should you travel with more than carry-on luggage, you must seek out the Baggage Drop counters to check in your baggage and pick up the corresponding tags. These specially designated counters close 45-60 minutes prior to flight departure and allow you, besides depositing your registered baggage, to pick up your physical Boarding Pass.

Boarding Pass

For domestic flights and international flights from foreign airports, after your Mobile Check-in is successfully completed, a Boarding Pass will be issued and sent as a PDF document to your email address. Also, the details will be saved in the AI Mobile App under My Trips. To use at the airport, you can either print your Boarding Pass at home or obtain the printed Boarding Pass at the check-in counter showing the Booking or Check-in details on the mobile device along with a photo ID card. Where available, a Mobile Boarding Pass may be issued.

When completing Mobile Check-in for international flights or domestic flights connecting to international flights from India, you will only receive a Confirmation Slip, and the boarding pass will have to be collected at the airport.

Kiosk Check-in

Self-service kiosks are another fast, easy-to-use method of checking-in. Unlike Web Check-in and Mobile Check-in, after checking-in at a kiosk you can print your own boarding pass directly at the machine.

Please note that only passengers travelling within India (not available for Alliance Air flights – AI 9000 series) can avail of this check-in method, and only at certain airports. As with all the other check-in methods, after checking-in at the kiosk, you still have to pass by the Baggage Drop counters and register your checked luggage, if any.

City Check-in

Passengers holding a confirmed booking and travelling lightly (with their carry-on baggage only) can avoid queuing at the airport on the day of departure and save time by checking in in advance at the specially designated City Booking Offices, spread throughout metro cities. With your check-in completed in this manner, you can simply report at the airport directly at the security inspection, and afterwards proceed to the boarding gate. However, be advised that this type of check-in is available for domestic flights only.

In Delhi, two new City Check-in with Baggage Drop points has been introduced at two Airport Express Metro Stations: New Delhi station and Shivaji Stadium station. Air India Passengers are now able to avail the following facilities among many others:

  • Check in with or without checked baggage and obtain a Boarding Pass from 12 to 2 hours before departure for all domestic and international flights operated by Air India, Air India Express, and Alliance Air.
  • Pay Excess Baggage Fees for baggage over the free baggage allowance.
  • Upgraded to a higher class at T3.
  • Get their preferred seats.
  • Drop off their checked baggage after checking-in online with Web Check-in.

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