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Traveling with Children

traveling with children

Family holidays are, as a general rule, the source of a thousand precious memories. But they also involve a lot of planning as well as tons of luggage or, at least, that’s what you fell when rushing through the airport to get aboard the plane. With your entire wardrobe and your kids to take care… Read more »

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How to Pack a Hand Bag when Traveling with Children

how to pack a hand bag when traveling with children

LIGHT PACKING is the quintessence of air traveling. But, how can you conform to this fundamental rule when traveling with children? You can start by packing thoroughly so that you reduce tensions and have the best of times with your kids. Indeed, hand baggage is essential if you aim for a smooth flight with your… Read more »

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What to Pack in Your Carry-on when Traveling with Children

what to pack in your carry-on when traveling with children

These are the must haves… Antimicrobial wipers and gels Even though the best method to reduce the number of germs on your hand is to wash them with soap and water, ANTIMICROBIAL GELS are the best alternative in case soap and water is not within reach. Nevertheless, you should be aware that, despite the fact… Read more »

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Traveling with Children in Canada

traveling with children in canada

From the point of view of the Canadian authorities, persons who have not reached their 18th birthday are considered CHILDREN. It is therefore important to take account of the following recommendations whenever you decide to go to Canada by plane. You know what they say… it’s better play it safe than to play it by… Read more »

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