what to pack in your carry-on when traveling with children

What to Pack in Your Carry-on when Traveling with Children

These are the must haves…

Antimicrobial wipers and gels

Even though the best method to reduce the number of germs on your hand is to wash them with soap and water, ANTIMICROBIAL GELS are the best alternative in case soap and water is not within reach. Nevertheless, you should be aware that, despite the fact that alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be very efficient in cleaning your hands if they are not visibly dirty, you need to use certain techniques to make them work.

First of all, you should choose a product that contains at least 60 percent alcohol. Secondly, you need to apply an adequate quantity of gel. Next, rub hands together until they are dry – this step is imperative. You’ll thus manage to greatly reduce the number of bacteria on your kids’ hands and sickness episodes as well.

Something to eat and drink

According to TSA restrictions on liquids, items such as medicine, baby formula or breast milk, as well as baby food are exceptions to these rules. This means that you’re allowed to go though the security screening procedures with them. If you want, and you’ll certainly need, water or other drinks aboard the plane, you’ll have to get them after the screening procedure or from the plane. So, plan to fill your sippy cups after you pass the checkpoint. As mentioned above, this applies to liquids. You’ll have to get water and other drinks after your security check or on the plane. Pack your kids’ favorite crackers or any other snacks that are both easy to pack and mess-free at the same time.

Delta Airlines, for example, considers food or drink purchased after clearing the security checkpoint as freebies. Last but not least, have a surprise with you, something like an incentive snack which you know they absolutely adore and which you may use whenever their patience has run out.

Spill-proof drinking cups or bottles

You’ll not only manage to avoid having liquid spilled all over your kids but you’ll also be able to keep them hydrated. It is widely known that AIR CONDITIONING may cause children to become dehydrated so, it’s wise to always carry a full sippy cup and encourage your child to drink for many times at short intervals.


You won’t need to grab you entire pharmacy with you, just the basics. Some of the most important are probably those that reduce fever and pain such as liquid ACETAMINOPHEN. Similarly important are the DECONGESTANTS as well as any type of antihistamines. A nasal spray or a liquid decongestant will prove to be extremely helpful in case your kid is somehow congested during the flight. Nevertheless, before filling your back with must-have medication, do not forget to make sure your supplies comply with the TSA 3-1-1 rule for carry-ons.

A change-of-clothes for everyone

Kids are artists when it comes to getting dirty. None of you will feel comfortable if compelled to travel in a dirty or wet T-shirt.

Gadgets or anything that entertains your children

Nowadays kids are fans of latest gadgets and iPods or laptops. Such devices will certainly keep them busy during the flight. Avoid cells as they interfere with the electronic systems aboard the plane. Take their MP3 player or any portable DVD players, games and so on. Bring them aboard as long as they are not noisy. This means that you have to pack headphones or ear buds. When it comes to electronic equipment that cannot be used onboard, American Airlines lists the following devices:

  • Radios – AM, FM, VHF, battery or cord operated TV sets, TV cameras
  • Electronic games or toys with remote control, except those installed on the aircraft
  • Cordless computer mouse
  • Portable Global Positioning System (GPS)

So, avoid packing these in your carry-on. These devices will certainly interfere with the navigational or communications equipment and are therefore forbidden on the plane. On the other hand, other portable electronic devices, including laptops, have to REMAIN OFF during taxi, takeoff, approach and landing.

Happy traveling!