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Did you ever hear the saying D.E.L.T.A = Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive? Well I can prove you right! The luggage at MSP took 1 hour to arrive. I saw six fucking suitcases that looked like mine, but it came after 1 hour and 23 minutes! Also, I recorded footage of a fucking flight attendant twerking in front of the pilots! I mean, what the fuck did I see! Delta, You are an asshole, a…

More reviews for Delta Airlines Boeing B737 900ER (739)
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Seat 37 E
From Mexico City - Internacional Benito Juarez (MEX)
To Minneapolis - Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl (MSP)
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Hay un erro en la indicación en el mapa de la empresa Aerolíneas. Si se fijan figura la fila 11 como incómoda y la 12 como la que tiene espacio cuando en realidad la fila 11 es la de la puerta de emergencia con mayor espacio y la 10 es la que no se inclina.

More reviews for Aerolineas Argentinas Embraer 190
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Seat 12B
From Buenos Aires - Arpt. Jorge Newbery (AEP)
To Santa Fe - Santa Fe (SAF)
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I don't think there are any particularly bad seats on this service. It seems to be used by many high status exec club members though and always busy so on check-in, we couldn't even sit together and everyone else was (rightfully) protective of their seat and wouldn't switch. Excellent BA service as usual. Nice food. Not sure the seats have been designed with the IFE iPads in mind, especially during food service but it wasn't…

More reviews for British Airways Airbus A318 - Club World London City

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2 Reviews
Seat 5C
From London - London City Airport (LCY)
To New York - John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)

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