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I thought that the seat was average (small rip), The leg room seemed roomier. I was originally assigned seat 10E, but the captain asked my age (17) and since I am still in school, and the flight was delayed be 5 hours (left BOS at 1:00 am), he gave me seat 6A, which the entire row was completely unoccupied! I loved the service, and I got some good Shut Eye before my school day the…

More reviews for Sun Country Airlines Boeing B737 700 126pax
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Seat 6A

We took the same flight 2 years ago and were extremely uncomfortable for 12 hours. We were really afraid to try it again, but were very pleasantly surprised at the improvement. The plane appeared new compared to the old clunker we took 2 years ago. There was MUCH more legroom and seat width. The seats reclined much further at a better angle and were much softer and more comfortable. NO backache! They fed us 3…

More reviews for Alitalia Airlines - Air One Boeing B777 200 ER
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Seat 21J
From LAX
To Rome

This airplane has the worst seating. Your knees are right up to the seat ahead. If the person ahead reclines, there is no place to put a book in order to read it. the seat is right in your face. The tray is split for a reason. It is very difficult to open it all the way for most people. If you are a size 6, it might be okay. There is very little foot…

More reviews for US Airways Airbus A319
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Seat 19e
From Austin - Austin-bergstrom International (AUS)
To Los Angeles - Los Angeles International (LAX)

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We arrived at the MALE airport at 9:00 am on January 6th, 2016. The boys from Gili Lankanfushi were waiting for us at the exit, ready to invite us to climb aboard the boat for the 20-minute journey that would take us to the island. Immediately we put on life-jackets and they took away our…
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We arrived at the Hamad International Airport on May 1st, 2016 after a 14-hour long trip from Miami. An elegant representative of the Mövenpick Hotel West Bay Doha was waiting for us there with a sign reading our name. Immediately, he took us to the limo and from there we left for the hotel. The…
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Your Flight Rights in Canada

flight rights in canada
AIR TRAVELERS' RIGHTS are protected in Canada by the Airline Passenger Charter which has been approved by most of the Canadian airlines. In 2007 the Parliament of Canada adopted Bill C-11 whose aim was to strengthen the Canada Transportation Act. This statutory document laid down the airline passengers' rights in Canada. Tickets vs. tariffs The most important…
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Delayed, Cancelled or Oversold Flights in the US

delayed, cancelled or oversold flights in the us
It may be a traveller’s worst nightmare. And do not deceive yourself in believing that it will never happen to you. You might and you will one day find out that you’re stuck in an airport as your flight was CANCELLED or even DELAYED. You might as well discover that you’re left behind, that the…
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The 11 Most Dangerous Airports in the World

Everyone loves to travel and most of us find the rush of take-off and landing in a large jet plane fun and exhilarating. Some airports pose more of a risk with this procedure than others and you may be getting more of an adrenalin rush than you bargained for. Let’s take a look at the…
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How to Cope with Flight Delays when Traveling with Children

how to cope with flight delays when traveling with children
Being stranded in an airport is quite difficult for an adult, let alone a kid who's not familiar with the notion of PATIENCE or standing still for a few minutes. You'll have to stretch your imagination to a maximum and be as creative as you can in such a situation in order to keep your…
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International Travel
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