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Seatmaestro Ann Calder avatar
Ann Calder
Seat 12J
Air India
Boeing B787 Dreamliner
Melbourne-Melbourne International Airport (MLB) To New Delhi-Indira Gandhi Intl (DEL)
On July 23,2014, Ann Calder posted:
Rating: rating_4

" I chose this air India flight as it was non stop, thus alleviating that awful feeling of having to change often in the middle of the night.l I also wanted the experience of flying on the Dreamliner of which I had heard such good reports. Well, the plane lived up to its reputation as the interior of the cabin has a much more spacious feeling and the leg room is a big improvement. I was in luck on this flight as the loading was light so I scored 3 seats to myself so I could lie down & get a little sleep! The interior lighting is an improvement too as the cabin was dimmed when no food was being served. Food was pretty bland airline stuff with not much similarity between both meals. They could have been almost interchangeable. The crew whilst friendly do not go out of their way to offer service as do some other airlines. Having flown Qantas most of my life with some Asian airlines thrown in you are aware that the crew don't check that all passengers are buckled up and loose stuff is stowed away. However, I will fly the Dreamliner to Delhi again as a direct flight wins hands down with me.
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Seatmaestro Arturo avatar
Seat 19A
Boeing B737 800
Manises-Valencia (VLC) To Porto-Francisco Sá Carneiro (OPO)
On July 19,2014, Arturo posted:
Rating: rating_3

" No estaba mal para el precio pagado, pero no se puede reclinar ni tiene servicios
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Seatmaestro Jayne M avatar
Jayne M
Seat 69A
Qantas Airways
Boeing B747 400ER
Los Angeles-Los Angeles International (LAX) To Brisbane-Brisbane International (BNE)
On July 14,2014, Jayne M posted:
Rating: rating_4

" Seat 69A & B, terrible seats. Passenger in aisle seat in front decided to recline fully & then some into my lap pushing his seat into my legs all the way from LAX-BNE leg at midnight. I am only short but had my knees jammed by this ignoramous. Made him aware of it, but he did not care guess they breed em different in the US. Flight attendant told him to move seat so I could eat my breakfast as I had no room to eat. Qantas needs to fix this seat issue by changing Incline angle on their seat or giving more room between seats, not asking for a lot is it considering we now pay extra for seats. Horrible flight when a little bit of consideration and empathy might have gone a long way. Don't sit in these seats if you can avoid they are awful especially if you have the passenger from hell in the seat in front.
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