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Folks .... Remember - the seats in an airplane are chosen by the AIRLINE not the manufacturer! If they're too narrow, too hard or too close together (narrow seat pitch), remember to blame the AIRLINE, not the builder of the aircraft. Don't say you'll never fly a 787 because LAN chose terrible seats.

More reviews for LAN Airlines Boeing B787 Dreamliner
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Seat 2D
From Los Angeles - Los Angeles International (LAX)
To Santiago - Arturo Merino Benitez (SCL)

Asiento muy espacioso si no va nadie sentado en el 20D que va enfrentado. Para gente alta es perfecto. De ancho es igual que el resto del avión, suficiente. El único problema y es generalizado en este modelo es la dureza del asiento. el vuelo dura 1:20 minutos y acabas con el culo plano.

More reviews for Iberia Regional - Air Nostrum ATR 72 600
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Seat 19D
From Manises - Valencia (VLC)
To Malaga - Pablo Ruiz Picasso (AGP)

The check-in was fast and the flight was on time. The seat width is very small and seat recline is poor. As it was a 1h and a half flight they don´t give you earphones, thus, though the plane has tv sets throughout its both sides, you can´t hear anything. Food and drink were poor: only a small snack pack and a cup of drink: soft drink or juice or water. The crew was very…

More reviews for TAM Airlines Airbus A321
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Seat 16C
From Brasília, Distrito Federal - Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek (BSB)
To Salvador, Bahia - Luis Eduardo Magalhaes (SSA)

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