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I was worried about proximity to toilets but it was ok. Still I wouldn't call the whole experience very pleasant. Some members of the crew were not even smiling. Felt unwelcomed. Didn't offer any more drinks except those on take off and during the main meal. Usually it happens on the long flights.

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0 Helpful votes
Seat 26k
From Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)
To Sydney

Seat too bad as the front has a box underneath and prevents stretching the legs. That makes the trip more than 10 hours unbearable. Asiento muy malo ya que el de delante tiene una caja debajo e impide estirar las piernas. Eso hace que el viaje de más de 10 horas sea insoportable.

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1 Reviews
Seat 76H
From Frankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
To Houston - George Bush Intercontinental (IAH)

Please watch out since the seating in our plane (flight AB7446 on Jan 4th 2016) was NOT the one shown on this website or any other seating plan we could find (not even Air Berlin's). Identical staggered cubicles but inverted window/aisle positions. E.g. second row had 02A and not 02C, third row had 03C and not 03A and so on. Seats are horribly narrow and not long enough in the flat position, reading lamp not…

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1 Reviews
Seat 03C
From Dusseldorf - Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS)
To Higuey - Punta Cana International (PUJ)

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