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Seatmaestro Mayo ong avatar
Mayo ong
Seat 44D
Delta Airlines
Boeing B777 200ER
Los Angeles-Los Angeles International (LAX) To Nare-Nare (NAR)
On October 11,2014, Mayo ong posted:
Rating: rating_4

" We were seated in seats 44D & 44E, LAX to NAR. The seats were quite comfortable since row 44 is right before the bulkhead so nobody sits behind you. Also the frame of the seats are aligned so you do not share the foot space with the passenger beside you (unlike the B747-400). Downsides - (1) seats 44D & E are too near the toilets, during sleeping time, you get the glare from the lights each time the toilet doors open and (2) the overhead luggage bin in the center rows cannot take the wheeled cabin luggage.
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Seatmaestro Janice avatar
US Airways
Airbus A319
Albany-Albany International (ALB) To St. Croix
On July 27,2014, Janice posted:
Rating: rating_2

" Too little leg room and the flight took too long to take off. Being clostophobic, I have a hard time sitting in small places and I get anxious, and do not enjoy my trip. I did request the exit seat, but they were taken and I was not going to pay the large fee for first class, especially since they couldn't guarantee I would actually get a good seat.
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Seatmaestro graemecrackerz avatar
Seat 22K
Airbus A321 200
Kaohsiung-Kaoshiung International Airport (KHH) To Hong Kong-Hong Kong International (HKG)
On July 27,2014, graemecrackerz posted:
Rating: rating_5

" 22K is a bulkhead seat with one window at the shoulder. Tray tables are in the armrest, therefore, the armrest between 22J & K is rigid and slightly reduces the seat width. There is more leg room than the standard economy seat, but there is only a pocket for storing items, everything else must be stored in the overhead bins. Overhead bins at that seat were compartmentalized into smaller units, so using the opposite side for larger items is a must. There is a crew storage area near this seat. No excessive noise was noticed. As with the A320 we flew to Kaohsiung on, as the engines started, and the A/C came online, there was visible vapor coming up from the side panels and into the cabin, nothing to be alarmed about. 22K & J have entertainment screens on the bulkhead, 22H does not appear to have an entertainment screen.
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