Thai Airways International Boeing B777 300 (773) seat review by Andreas #27212

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Legroom3 of 5
Seat width3 of 5
Seat recline2 of 5
Entertainment3 of 5
Food & drink4 of 5
Service5 of 5
I would prefer the old 747 all times. I was seated on 71B (there are 72 in all) so it was in the back. The chairs feels smaller. I can not say in what way. I looking in seatmap guide they actually are wider. But feels smaller than old 747 anyway. The seat pitch is less too than 747. I think the difference is 2 inch less. All this together makes me feel that the all together seat comfort was better in 747. And not to forget, the seat recline is really bad!
It was much more loud in the back of the plane than in the middle when I was walking around. Otherwiase the food was same thai airways style as always. The cognac is still some unknown brand that tastes shit. Same for the other liqour brands. They are all some unknown brands except the gin. But hard to complain if it is for free, But I would gladly pay for a cognac brand that is drinkable.
The service is as always very good on the thai flights. There was a lot of heavy turbulens on the flight as well. I have never had that before when flying with 747. Can this be related to the aircraft??
OK, every seat has its own screen. I can not say anything about the movies i only listen to music and that was OK I guess. Not so many known artist there though so after I while I took out my ipod anyway.
In my opinion, the buying of 777 is a step down. The screen opinion is maybe nice for families with kids but nothing for me. Who want to see James Bond on a badly 10 inch screen? Not me anyway. Better try to sleep.
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