Seat Map Thai Airways International Boeing B777 300 (773)

Seat map for Thai Airways International Boeing B777 300 (773)

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Royal Silk Class34
Economy Class330

General presentation

There are 6 Boeing 777-300s in the Thai fleet of 87 aircraft. These planes have a total seating capacity of 388 passengers in a two-class layout.
Royal First Class and Royal Executive Class passengers on intercontinental flights can request a Video Walkman and select their own entertainment from an onboard video library that includes five first-run movies, three classic films, one ballet or music video, and one major sports event video while they relax in commodious seats.
Economy class passengers can enjoy a wide range of entertainment programs and facilities. For parents with small children, there are bulkhead anchors for complimentary bassinets, and diaper-changing shelves in the toilets.

There is a new self-select interactive TV, Audio and Video, On Demand system (AVOD) which is currently available aboard Airbus A340-500s and Airbus A340-600s in all classes and Boeing B747 and Boeing B777-200 in Royal First Class and Royal Silk Class. These planes are now under the reconfiguration program. When flying with THAI on one of these planes, you may now enjoy an international TV channel, CD or film of your choice at a time most convenient to you.

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I would prefer the old 747 all times. I was seated on 71B (there are 72 in all) so it was in the back. The chairs feels smaller. I can not say in what way. I looking in seatmap guide they actually are wider. But feels smaller than old 747 anyway. The seat pitch is less too than 747. I think the difference is 2 inch less. All this together makes me feel that the all together seat comfort was better in 747. And not to forget, the seat recline is really bad!
It was much more loud in the back of the plane than in the middle when I was walking around. Otherwiase the food was same thai airways style as always. The cognac is still some unknown brand that tastes shit. Same for the other liqour brands. They are all some unknown brands except the gin. But hard to complain if it is for free, But I would gladly pay for a cognac brand that is drinkable.
The service is as always very good on the thai flights. There was a lot of heavy turbulens on the flight as well. I have never had that before when flying with 747. Can this be related to the aircraft??
OK, every seat has its own screen. I can not say anything about the movies i only listen to music and that was OK I guess. Not so many known artist there though so after I while I took out my ipod anyway.
In my opinion, the buying of 777 is a step down. The screen opinion is maybe nice for families with kids but nothing for me. Who want to see James Bond on a badly 10 inch screen? Not me anyway. Better try to sleep.
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FromBangkok-Suvarnabhumi International(BKK)
ToTaipei-Taiwan Taoyuan International(TPE)
Due to a recent typhoon, the 330 we had been slotted to fly on was upgraded to a 777-300 to accommodate the large number of passengers wanting to get back Taiwan. The crew was very adept at reseating families together without being bothersome, the famous Thai smile on their faces. The crew showed true professionalism as many travelers had been waiting for two or more days to return home.

The business class seats on this aircraft are recliners, not lie flat, but they're more than adequate for the 3 hour jaunt to Taiwan. Dinner was very savoury and the service was attentive and cohesive, unlike my previous flight from LHR. I congratulated the purser on the fine service as we deplaned and she accepted again, a modest smile on her lips.
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FromBangkok - Suvarnabhumi International (BKK)
ToLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
The access to the seat is not as easy as the A380 used on the outward journey. The screen controls are difficult to follow and I ended up using a combination of handheld and touchscreen which meant leaning forward all the time, most frustrating. The seat re line controls are are the edge of the side table and were not very responsive,again nowhere near as good as the A380. It has a small side light, this is an extra to save turning on the better overhead light. Not really worth the effort but guess saves bothering other people around you. The seat width does not seem as good the A380 and when in flat bed mode there is not enough room to move around.
I would try to avoid this model of plane in the future.
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FromMelbourne - Melbourne International Airport (MLB)
ToBangkok - Suvarnabhumi International (BKK)
First time flying with Thai Airlines.
Our Seats where in good location , not to noisy and handy having isle seat to get up and down, love that the overhead lockers that push back into roof space which means no more bending or ducking to get in or out of seats. Plane was full to capacity. Drinks a plenty and very friendly attentive staff. I had gluten free meals which where very nice while my partner had the standard. All meals where a very good standard and enjoyable for plane menus. Rest rm facilities kept clean and stocked, even supply cologne. We are both tall (5'11 & 6'2) so we both found leg room cramped and after 9 hours .
Overall would rate this a great plane and fantastic Thai service.
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FromBangkok - Suvarnabhumi International (BKK)
ToLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
Was a little disappointed by the lack of width of the seat especially when fully reclined. It was too tight to get into and out of the seat space also. The tv screen control did not seem to work and I had to resort to touching the screen which was mot easy having to lean forward from a recline position. The small seat side light seemed unnecessary with an over the top light. Fully reclined seat space was ok for me but tight for someone over 6 feet tall.
Service was very good and good food choice from the menu. Seat 11f has to use the overhead bin over 11g. Not much room around you for too many bits and peices.
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FromBangkok-Suvarnabhumi International (BKK)
ToCopenhagen-Kastrup (CPH)
We were looking very much forwards to fly back home after 6 month in Thailand with the brand new Boeing 777-300er, but we were extremly disapointed because of very large noice from the engines and less legroom compared with the Boeing 747-400 they have always used for this flight. In over 10 years we have each year been flying with Thai Airways to Thailand with the 747. But now we consider to change Airline because we are not at all happy with the 777-300
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FromLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
ToBangkok - Suvarnabhumi International (BKK)
Excellent in all ways. Seat roomy and comfortable. The staff were amazing, very helpful and efficient. The meals were very good for economy and fresh fruit and juice was served with all meals. The on site entertainment was very varied and the time passed very quickly. We would definitely fly with Thai Airlines again.
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Started in31a one other person in 31c….but she moved to other side of cabin…so I had 3 seats.
I gave entertainment 2 stars as the angle of screen in 31a made it difficult to watch and 31c screen wouldn’t stay upright so watched 31b
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Boeing 777-300ER. Plane seemed new. IFE Was great. Food was normal airline food, Both Dinner and Breakfast was served on this 11Hour flight. 40Minutes delayed out of BKK but arrived 1Hour early at CDG. Overall a good flight.
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FromCopenhagen - Kastrup (CPH)
ToBangkok - Suvarnabhumi International (BKK)
Very narrow sitting not much legroom and seat recline. Dinner arrived cold. Very rich variety of movies but without subtitles it is difficult to watch as the noise from the engines requests a high volume.
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