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Economy 30" 16.92 78

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1.5 of 5
Seat 17J
From Dar es salaam
To Nairobi-Jomo Kenyatta International (NBO)
I flew in a dh8 ethiopian airline and it was horrible.first of all the flight was at 3.25am,and I was sent an email that the flight would be 1 hour earlier So it was to take off at 2.35am.on reaching the airport I got my booking pass only to notice that the flight was to first fly to Kigali,Addis Ababa and lastly nairobi.i was mad coz firstly I was tired and had to fly to all these hubs but I didn't have a choice.the flight came 11/2 hours late and so we took off later than the original Julius Nyerere there weren't staff to tell us what was happening.i had to track the flight myself.when we boarded,the flight was very noise coz I was near the engines(prop)there was no meal service from dar to Kigali.on landing at Kigali new passengers boarded fast and there was commotion coz they had been assigned seats and yet the crew had told us that it was free seats but they dealt with it and we took off.we landed in Addis Ababa at 9.20am instead of 8.15 and So I found my connecting flight had that flight all the passengers were connecting and so we were all asked to go to transfers office to be assigned new flights.the staff there were very RUDE,slow that one passenger took about 20min.they were only 3 staff members to deal with 120 passengers.many people complained but nothing was done and I remember many regretting flying ethiopian and wishing they would have flown kenya airways.surely cheap is expensive.i was assigned a new flight to kenya which was to fly at 1645.i felt like dying coz I couldn't being at the airport from 9am to 4 pm while I was supposed to be in nairobi at 10am.the worst part is that I was with my wife and child and the sleepiness was taking the better part of them coz remember we had woken up at 11pm in order to make the flight.when the boarding time reached,we were told that the flight wouldn't take off till 6 pm coz there was an incident at nairobi airport.i wondered why they couldn't take off and by the time we would reach nairobi the incident would have been sorted coz jomo kenyatta having one runway they normally deal with the problem fast to clear the way.we took off at 6pm on a boeing 757 which was very full.we had been assigned seats and we found other passengers on board on our seats with the same seat numbers.i was mad beyond control coz now I had to seat with strangers instead of my family as I had booked.the flight was better than the dh8 coz this is a boeing jet but even though it's boeing,it was old and noisy compared to newer planes.we landed in Nairobi at 8pm and I was relieved that my ordeal was over.while taxing at jomo kenyatta airport,I could see kenya airways planes and I regretted not flying with them even though they were expensive.i wouldn't recommende ethiopian airways to anyone.
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