Ethiopian flying with pets

What are the policies that apply when traveling with pets on Ethiopian Airlines flights?

Pets are allowed at Ethiopian Airline flights as long as they comply with the airline’s rules and regulations:

  • Only dogs and cats are accepted on Ethiopian Airlines flights.
  • Pets need to be transported in their special containers or kennels and should be always accompanied, or transported as cargo if they are not.
  • Pets are allowed in the cabin with the passenger or as checked baggage.
  • Ethiopian accepts your dog or cat as Pet in cabin provided that the pet container dimensions do not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm, and the combined weight (pet plus container) does not exceed 8 kg.
  • The number of Pets in cabin is limited per compartment: 2 in Economy class and 1 in Cloud 9 – Business class.

How do I proceed in order to transport my pet with me?

Pets are accepted in the cabin of all jet aircraft on Ethiopian Airline flights. Be sure to mention that you will be traveling with your pet when booking your flight. Give the attendant all the details about your pet: size, breed, container you are transporting it in, your destination and departure airports, etc. You need to let the airline know beforehand that you are traveling with a pet. Remember to check with the destination country about rules and regulations you need to follow about papers, vaccines, certificates or special procedures needed to get your pet into the country.

Make sure to check with the government if there are any restrictions for pet cages or carriers that you should know about. Such restrictions usually change depending on the country you are traveling to and from. In case you and your pet are flying a part of your journey on a flight operated by other airline make sure to check with them about their particular policies on pet transportation. Ethiopian Airlines won’t be held responsible if the pet is denied transportation by other airline that is operating a part of the flight you are boarding and you haven’t prepared authorizations or certificates needed. The owner will assume all risk of sickness of the pet or the death of it and will be sure to have read and understood all rules and policies and to have all papers, certificates or forms needed to proceed with the transportation of the animal.

The following fees apply for transporting pets on Ethiopian Airlines flights between the US and Africa:

  • USD 150 / EUR 120 / GBP 110 one-way – for pets in the passenger cabin.
  • USD 370 one-way – for pets transported as checked baggage.

Service Animals

Guide Dogs for the seeing or hearing impaired are allowed in the passenger cabin free of charge. Dogs need to be properly muzzled and wearing a harness. Please make sure to check with the airport that you are arriving to if they have any further instructions or regulations. If you are planning to board the plane with a Guide Dog, you need to contact the airline offices in advance. There are some arrangements that need to be settled before admitting the pet as a service dog.

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