Ethiopian flying with babies

Can I travel with my baby on Ethiopian Airlines flights?

Infants 2 years and under are allowed on board Ethiopian Airlines flights as long as they are accompanied by an adult. The child can sit on the parent’s lap. If the adult has more than one child under 2 years of age accompanying her or him, a ticket needs to be purchased for the second infant. For further information, please call your travel agent or the airline’s offices.

You are allowed to bring onboard baby food, water, supplies, and the infant’s carrying basket. A fully collapsible stroller/pushchair, accepted for free as checked baggage, may be carried in the passenger cabin subject to availability of space.

When the Weight System applies, an infant not occupying a seat is allowed to 10 kg of free baggage allowance plus one fully collapsible stroller.

When the Piece System applies, an infant paying 10% of the applicable fare and not occupying seat is entitled to one checked bag weighing no more than 23 kg (50 lbs) and measuring no more than 45 inches (115 cm – the sum of the 3 dimensions) plus one fully collapsible pushchair.

Traveling Pregnant and With Baby

Special regulations apply for pregnant women and adults traveling with children under two years of age. Please read carefully and remember that the information on this page does not form any kind of contract. Any information presented may change without previous notice. Also, Ethiopian Airlines assumes absolutely no liability for such changes and reserves its right to apply the required procedures and/or policies. All applications of these procedures will be final and indisputable.. If you require further information, please contact the airline’s service office or your travel agent. Ethiopian Airlines has certain policies and regulations about pregnant women:

  • If you are 32 weeks pregnant or less, you can board any Ethiopian Airline flight only if you have a signed pregnancy certificate issued by a doctor. The Pregnancy Certificate has to be filled prior to your flight, and you can ask for it at the airline’s offices or at their web page, under the PREGNANCY CERTIFICATE tab. Please make sure to fill and sign three copies.
  • Even if you have the certificate already filled and signed, boarding the plane won’t be possible if there are any signs of labor and/or delivery are present.
  • The certificate presented won’t be allowed if it is older than 7 days.
  • If you are seven months pregnant or more, the airline advises the passenger to consult a doctor before booking the flight.
  • The fact that you are pregnant does not in any way change the seat belt rules and regulations.

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