Seat Map El Al Israel Airlines Boeing B747 400 403pax

Seat map for El Al Israel Airlines Boeing B747 400 403pax

Seating details

First Class79"23"8
Business Class55"19.5"47
Economy Class Plus36"18"34
Economy Class32"18"314

General presentation

There are 5 B747s in the El Al Israel fleet. There are two different seating configurations for this plane in a two or three class layout with maximum seating capacities of 000 and 408 passengers respectively. This plane cruises at a speed of 927mph and has a range of 11860 miles.
A two-way wireless high-speed Internet service allows you to send and receive e-mail, connect to your office computer and continue to work during your flight. Through the EL AL portal, you can receive all the information you require while in-flight, including general and economic news from Israel and the rest of the world; special information about EL AL and the array of services on offer; computer games and tips about EL AL destinations. Any passenger flying in any Class with a portable computer that permits wireless surfing will be able to enjoy the service. (Computers can only be charged in First and Business Class. Cost for the service will be determined by the service plan selected, ranging from $9.95 to $26.95.
In El Al’s First Class section, you can stretch out in seats that transform into 180-degree beds with an electrically adjustable seat back, lower back support, footrest and headrest. The seat also has a personal reading light, adjustable work table, individual telephone and a connection for your portable computer. A personal 10″ screen offers a choice of six video channels and 10 audio channels with noise-blocking earphones (on all 777 planes and some 747 planes).
El Al Platinum seats have a seat pitch of 55-60″, a recline angle that facilitates rest and sleep, a footrest, a four-way adjustable headrest, and back support. There is a 10″ personal video screen, a satellite telephone at each seat, a reading lamp and on Boeing 747-400 aircraft, wiring for 110V laptop computers suitable for all computers without the need for an adapter plug.
Seat pitch in Economy class varies from 31-34”. Rows 21-31 seats ABCHJK have a 34” pitch, rows 46-56 seats DEFG have a 33” pitch, 31, 32, 43 DEFG and 57 BCHJ have a 31” pitch and all the others a 32” pitch.

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FromTel Aviv Yafo-Ben Gurion Intl (TLV)
ToNew York-John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
The upper deck of the El Al B- 747-400 i devoted to business class. We recently used upper deck business class seats to fly from Tel Aviv to JFK. The found the upper deck cabin more intimate and pleasant than the much larger cabin on the main deck. The meal and liquor service was very nice with two meal choices and both alcohol and wine available. The service was very pleasant and efficient. Two areas of concern: (1) There was not room in the upper luggate compartment for my computer case and the crew had to store it for the entire trip and (2) some of the at-seat video equipment did not work. Onr felt that the plane could have benefitted from a refurbishing.
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FromNew York-John F Kennedy Intl(JFK)
ToTel Aviv Yafo-Ben Gurion Intl (TLV)
One of the worst international flights I've ever had the displeasure of taking. Only options for food are Kosher and they only serve water/coffee/tea with no option to buy alcohol other than red wine. IFE system in the seatbacks is poor and was not functioning on my seat or the seat next to me. There is no wifi available on the aircraft. Security and gate agents are rude in typical Israeli fashion.
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The people that answer the phones are rude and not trained very well. I get a different answer to the same question each time I call and they ALWAYS make me feel like I'm interrupting their day.
The web-site is different than what they told me pertaining to the internet access.
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