El Al Israel Airlines minors flying alone

Does EL AL offer services for children traveling alone?

For children flying EL AL on their own, parents can request the service for children traveling alone offered from the beginning to the end of the journey. The Child Care service includes escorting and assisting the child from the moment the child arrives at the check-in counter and continues until he/she is met by relatives at the destination.

For whom is the Child Care service offered?

Minors up to 5 years are not entitled to Child Care service and must be accompanied by an escort, who could be either a parent or other authorized person aged 16 and over.

For children from 5 to 15 years old flying without a responsible adult, EL AL offers Child Care service, which is mandatory, but only available if all requirements are met. Upon request, the service is also extended to children up to 18 years old.

Children aged 15 to 18 years flying with EL AL on their own will be required to show sufficient proof that their parents allowed them to fly alone and that they will be under the supervision of a responsible adult at the destination country. Unaccompanied minors over age 15 are entitled to special care only if specifically requested by a parent or guardian.

Child Care Service

The service is available on both EL AL and UP flights and can be ordered through a travel agent or directly at one of EL AL’s offices, as well as through UP Call Center and EL AL’s Telephone Service Center. The service does not include transfers between airports or between two terminals at the same airport. Also, no connection flights are allowed.

A child traveling alone must be accompanied to the airport of departure by a parent or authorized escort who must remain with the child until the flight departs, and confirmation has been given by a check-in attendant. The escort should have complete details including telephone number, the full name and address of the person who will meet the child at the end destination. Before your arrival at the airport, it is advisable to complete the form (in English), including details of the flight and of the person meeting the child at the destination.

If a minor is accompanied by an adult who is not his or her parent (different family names), a Temporary Guardian document must be signed at all check-in counters. The police require notarized approval in certain cases, such as when the minor is not a relative (or for any other reason). This adult must bring the notarized approval to Border Control and must also sign a Temporary Guardian document.

After landing, the crew member hands over the child to the ground attendant who signs a special form indicating that he/she has received charge of the child. Then, the child will be escorted to the passenger reception area. The service includes escorting the child through Passport Control, collecting the luggage and Customs. The ground staff will hand over the child to the adult who is listed on the form that was filled out by the escort at the departure station (documented identification required).

The person accompanying the minor must submit the following details at the point of departure: name and personal details of the child and the parent meeting the child (I.D. number, passport number, full name, contact telephone number).The abroad station will wire these details to the Israel station. The person waiting for the minor at the end destination must show the documentation identifying him or her as the person whose details were submitted at the departure point.

Cost of Service

The cost of the service is $100 per EL AL / UP flight segment. The service fee for 2 or 3 unaccompanied minors is $150, $200 for 4 or more unaccompanied minors, if all of the children are from the same family and are being met by the same person at the destination. If the minors do not belong to the same family, or are not met by the same person at their destination, the service cost will be $100 for each unaccompanied minor.

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