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Seat map for Alaska Airlines - Horizon Air Boeing B737 400

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There are 84 Boeing 737s in the Alaska Airline’s fleet, 40 of which are the 400 (734) model. They have a total seating capacity of 144 passengers, 12 in first class and 132 in coach class.
DigEplayers are complimentary for first class passengers and may be rented for 10$ by other passengers. It is best to reserve beforehand although they can be rented on board if there is availability. They are available on the following routes: Anchorage-Seattle (they may not be reserved on this route), Fairbanks, Dallas FW, Chicago (O’hare), New York (Newark), Washington DC, Orlando and Miami to Seattle, Anchorage-Chicago and Washington DC and Cancun to Los Angeles.

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1.5 of 5
Frommexico city
WORST FLIGHT EVER! this airline sucks! it was a long flight 7 hours. no food!! (you had to buy it) water, 6 dollars!!! hot meal 1 dollars!!! there wasnt any entretainment!
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