Alaska Airlines - Horizon Air flying with babies

Does Alaska Airlines impose age restrictions regarding the acceptance of infants?

Alaska Airlines doesn’t impose age restrictions for acceptance of infants.

When is my child required to hold a ticket for travel on Alaska Airline flights?

For children younger than 2 years (infants), Alaska Airlines does not require the purchase of a ticket when the infant will be sitting on the lap of the accompanying adult.

If you want your baby not to be sitting on your lap during the flight but to travel in his/her own seat, secured in an appropriate child restraint system, you must purchase a ticket for your infant. Also, because each ticketed adult is allowed to hold only one infant on lap, a ticket must be purchased for a second infant who must be secured in a car seat occupying a separate seat.

Alaska Airlines follows the FAA’ policy stating that all children 2 years of age and older must occupy their own seat on an aircraft.  Therefore,  Alaska  Airlines  requires  you  to  purchase a ticket and reserve a seat if your child is 2 years of age or older. Children will not be accepted for travel on the day of their 2nd birthday unless they hold a valid ticket.

Children who turn 2 years of age en route must hold a valid ticket for all segments on which the child will be traveling starting the day of his/her second birthday.

Because Alaska Airlines reserves the right to require proof of age (birth certificate, passport, etc.) for any child before permitting travel (at the time of purchase, check-in, and/or boarding), you must be prepared to provide documentation upon request.

Does Alaska Airlines offer discounts for infants or children?

On all domestic flights, infants not occupying a seat (infant on lap) travel free of charge. No taxes are applicable on domestic flights for infants on lap.

For international flights, a fare, taxes and airport fees may apply:

  • Flights from an international destination into the United States – approximately USD 17 in fees.
  • Flights from Costa Rica – additional fees paid at the airport of departure: USD 27 Boarding Tax, USD 2 Baggage Inspection Fee.
  • Flights from North America to an international destination – a percentage of the applicable adult fare plus taxes.

All children and infants occupying their own seat will be charged the same fare as for an adult passenger in the same class of service.

Infant on Lap

Each fare-paying passenger at least 18 years old or parent/legal guardian is allowed to travel with one infant on lap at no additional charge. Online booking is not available for infants not occupying a seat, so you must call Alaska Airlines Reservations with your confirmation code to add an infant on lap to your reservation.

Seating Restrictions

As your infant will be sitting on your lap, a seat cannot be reserved for the infant. Of course, you can pre-reserve your own seat considering the following seating restrictions:

  • Only one infant on lap per row (including both sides of the aisle) is permitted on Alaska Airlines flights 0001-1999 because of the location of extra oxygen masks.
  • Only one infant on lap on each side of rows 3-20 is allowed on Alaska Airlines flights 2000-2999 (flights operated by Horizon Air).
  • One infant on lap per row on the right side of the aircraft only is allowed on Alaska Airlines flights 3300-3499 (flights operated by Skywest Airlines).
  • One infant on lap on each side (rows 6-21) is permitted on Embraer 175 aircraft.
  • Up to four infants on lap per row (rows 3-20) are permitted on Bombardier Q400 aircraft.
  • Passengers traveling with an infant on lap are not permitted to occupy a seat in the emergency exit rows, in the rows forward or after any exit row or in any bulkhead row seat (rows 1 and 6) on Alaska Airlines flights 001-999.

If there is an empty seat available on a flight, the infant may occupy that seat for no extra charge.


When traveling with an infant on lap, a diaper bag counts toward the standard carry-on allowance as a personal item. You should also bring baby formula and food, breast milk, and juice, which are exempt from the 3-1-1 rules. Infants on lap in the First Class cabin are not eligible for complimentary meals.

An adult traveling with an infant on lap may check free of charge the infant’s car seat and stroller (in addition to the regular baggage allowance). You can check these items at the gate using a claim-at-gate tag if preferred. The child restraint seat may be brought on board provided there is an empty seat available for your infant. If the flight is full, the car seat will be checked at the gate using a claim-at-gate tag and, upon arrival, returned to you also at the gate.

Infants Occupying Their Own Seat

Infants traveling on a regular fare (ticketed infants) must be secured in an appropriate child restraint system (car seats or the AmSafe CARES Restraint). All child car seats must bear the FAA-approved sticker with the following two required labels:

  • 1. This restraint system conforms to all applicable federal motor vehicle safety conditions.
  • 2. This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft (in red lettering).

Alaska Airlines also accepts child restraint systems bearing labels indicating U.S. or foreign government approval, or showing the seat was manufactured under the standards of the United Nations.

In addition to the standard car seats, children between 22 to 44 lbs and less than 40 inches may use the AmSafe CARES Restraint bearing a label that reads: FAA Approved in Accordance with 14 CFR 21.302(d), Approved for Aircraft Use Only.

Alaska Airlines will not permit the use of any other child booster seats and other types of child restraints during take-off, landing, and surface movements regardless of what stamp/seal of approval these booster or harness devices carry.

Seating Restrictions

For safety, a child restraint system must not be placed in the aisle seat. The window seat is the preferred location for a child restraint system. However, the car seat may be placed in the middle seat if the window seat is vacant, or if it does not block access to the aisle. Child restraint systems are not permitted in the emergency exit rows, rows forward or after any exit row, and seats in rows 1-4 on Embraer 175 aircraft.

The following table provides the width of the passenger seats (in inches) for each type of aircraft in Alaska Airlines fleet, but there is no assurance that you will be seated in the wider seat:

AircraftCoach & PremiumFirst
MinimumMaximumAll seats
Boeing B737 800, B737 900, B737 900ER17.5’’18.5’’21’’
Boeing B737 70017’’18’’
Boeing B73 MAX-917.7’’17.7’’
Airbus A320, A32117.7’’ all seats
Bombardier Q40017.3’’ all seats
Bombardier CRJ70017.25’’ all seats
Embraer E17518’’ all seats20’’


A seated (ticketed) infant has the same carry-on allowance as an adult passenger in the same class of service. Checked baggage policy will apply as for any other fare-paying passenger. One car seat and one stroller per child will be accepted as checked baggage, free of charge, at the ticket counter or gate.

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