Alaska Airlines - Horizon Air check-in

What are my options to check in for an Alaska Airlines flight?

To check in for an Alaska Airlines flight, you may choose from the following options:

  • Web Check-in.
  • Mobile Check-in.
  • Kiosk Check-in.
  • Ticket Counter Check-in.

What are the cut-off times for checking in with Alaska Airlines?

Usually, arriving at the airport up to 2 hours prior to your flight’s departure time ensures adequate time for security processing and baggage handling. The following check-in cut-off times apply for Alaska Airlines flights:

  • 40 minutes – for domestic flights.
  • 60 minutes – for international flights.

There are a few exceptions when an earlier cut-off time will apply if you are checking in for a flight departing one of the following cities:

  • 45 minutes – Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City.
  • 60 minutes – domestic flights from King Salmon and Dillingham.
  • 90 minutes – Guadalajara.

How can I check in for a codeshare flight?

When your itinerary starts with a codeshare flight, you must check in with the operating carrier (the actual airline providing the air service). The logo and flight number of the operating carrier will indicate you when a flight is not operated by Alaska Airlines. You will also be provided with a confirmation code that you may use to check in with the operating carrier.

Web Check-in

Web Check-in is available for all passengers with an electronic ticket starting 24 hours and up to 1 hour before the flight. To be eligible for Web Check-in, the first flight of the itinerary must be operated by Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air. You can start to check in online for domestic and international flights by accessing your reservation using one of the following options: confirmation code, e-ticket number, credit card number, or Mileage Plan number.

When checking in online for an Alaska Airlines flight, you will have the following options:

  • Select the passengers checking in.
  • Change seat assignments.
  • Upgrade to First Class.
  • Select how many bags you want to check.
  • Pay checked baggage charges with a credit or debit card.
  • Print your luggage tags at home (select the self-tag option available when traveling on domestic flights, except flights from Dillingham, Dutch Harbor, Glacier Bay/Gustavus, King Salmon, and Las Vegas).
  • Print boarding passes and receipts.

If you don’t print your boarding pass when initially checking in, you can go through the Web Check-in process again to obtain it. If the boarding pass page on your computer doesn’t display correctly, you need to obtain your boarding pass at the airport.

Mobile Check-in

You can check in from your mobile device via the iPhone or Android app, or the mobile site. Mobile Check-in is available between 24 hours and 1 hour before the scheduled departure of the flight.

To start Mobile Check-in, you need to enter the following information: departure city and confirmation code, e-ticket or Mileage Plus number. When using your mobile device to check in, you can pay for your bags, same-day flight changes and upgrades to First Class.

At the end of Mobile Check-in, you can obtain a Mobile Boarding Pass. If you are departing from a city that does not allow mobile boarding passes, you will need to obtain a paper boarding pass from an Airport Customer Service agent or kiosk.

Mobile Boarding Pass

The Mobile Boarding Pass replaces your traditional paper boarding pass when traveling from select cities where TSA checkpoints are set up to accept the mobile boarding pass. If the first flight of your itinerary departs from one of these cities, you will be given a Mobile Boarding Pass upon check-in. Once you have checked in, either via the app or online, select the Boarding Pass button and you will be able to access your Mobile Boarding Pass again, whether you are online or offline, as long as you have viewed your boarding pass at least once from your iPhone or Android app.

You must display your Mobile Boarding Pass to the Customer Service Agent at the baggage check location, to the TSA agent at the security checkpoint, and also at the boarding gate. If the scanner cannot read the barcode on your Mobile Boarding Pass, you must obtain a paper boarding pass from a kiosk or Alaska Airlines ticket counter. Also, keep in mind that, if you have a connecting flight through a city where TSA checkpoints are not set up to scan Mobile Boarding Passes and leave the secure side of the airport, you must obtain a paper boarding pass to pass through security again.

Kiosk Check-in

At the airport, you may check yourself in using a kiosk, located at all of the airports throughout the Alaska Airlines system. Kiosk Check-in is available on the calendar day of departure up to 40 minutes before the scheduled departure. Just like Web Check-In, Kiosk Check-in gives you the options to change your seat assignment, purchase First Class upgrades, and print travel receipts. When traveling with carry-on baggage only, you can head straight to the gate once the kiosk prints your boarding pass.

If you have baggage to check, you can pay checked baggage charges with a credit or debit card within 4 hours of scheduled departure time (3 hours in Vancouver and 2 hours in Calgary). Once your boarding pass is printed, proceed to the baggage-check location. Special Self-Tag Kiosks are available at most airports so that you can print the bag tags yourself and then just drop off your bags at one of the Bag Drop areas.

Ticket Counter Check-in

If you are traveling with a paper ticket, or just want some extra help with the check-in process on the day of departure, Customer Service Agents are always available to help you with traditional counter check-in. Keep in mind that checked baggage is only accepted within 4 hours of your scheduled departure.


For all Alaska Airlines flights, passengers must be present at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before departure. Failure to meet this requirement may cause the cancellation of reserved seats and/or the entire reservation.

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