Air Transat Airbus A330 200 345pax seat review by Air Transat newbie #35557

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Seat 7A
From YYZ
Detailed ratings
Legroom 5 of 5
Seat width 3 of 5
Seat recline 3 of 5
Entertainment 5 of 5
Food & drink 2 of 5
Service 5 of 5
Although these seats were against a bathroom wall, the proximity posed no problems. I had lots of leg room, but seat was extremely hard, and the 5+ hour flight was difficult because of this. Newer plane, but not planned for butt comfort! I suppose that even a few ounces of padding in each seat adds weight re fuel costs! ;-) Being near the front made for a quick exit, upon arrival. Service was very good, but breakfast options were not inspiring. We took bacon sandwiches, and muffins of our own, after reviewing them online.. NOTE: Companion's seat 7C was constantly being bumped, by both crew and passengers, as it protrudes into the aisle more than others.
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