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I flew first time on this air transat flight to Vancouver and the seat was great! Yes it's by the toilets but the door was over the other side so in this seat I was not disturbed at all and was tucked in the corner by the window! I am only 5.4 so not the tallest but plenty of leg room for me. People talked of narrow seats and I didn't find this a problem either ( I am not petite) with a screen that comes up from the seat. Food was good and sufficient for this airline, as it's a far cheaper price than the national carriers in the U.K. & Canada, so I was amazed to hear people moaning about this. If you want the amount of food and drinks the others give on this route then pay another £400 with another airline.... for a small amount you can order a gourmet meal if so desired, still saving considerably!

I paid to book this seat on my return leg as I was happy with the outbound journey. I will say the service and the aircrew was amazing and nothing was too much for them! I was very pleased with airtransat and will be using again and booking this seat! Can't fault them or the seat! I am a nervous flyer and I was flying on my own but the whole experience from boarding through out was fantastic!

Highly recommended and don't be worried unless your very tall of booking this seat then maybe you want to try the aisle seats of row 12 they had loads of legroom and the seats are sectioned off so people don't walk in front of you! Seriously tall people book these seats :) Maybe one bit of good advice I was given was take some water with you! You can obviously buy this from departures once through security!

The seat does decline but was a little stiff so don't be worried about this just don't do what I did initially and think it wasn't working!!
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FromRichmond - Vancouver Intl (YVR)
ToAmsterdam - Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)
We paid 1100 CAD pp RT to travel last week of July 2016 to Amsterdam. Around this time, the next lowest cost option for a direct flight was about 1400 CAD pp RT.

Flight departing from YVR left on time but the flight departing from AMS was delayed by 40 minutes (pilot announced that the delay was because of busy airport). Baggage was received in time in both flights.

Seat width is very narrow. We considered paying for the better seats but there is no point. Emergency seats have slightly more legroom BUT the food tray and entertainment screen are tucked inside the arm rest and underneath the seat respectively. This makes getting in and out of the seat a challenge. Do expect the seats to be worn down or have rips. Since there is no wiggle room, sleeping is not easy at all.

Decent selection of movies and other options.
if passengers ahead of you recline then your knee will hit the seat.
Planes have mood lighting which was softer for the eyes.
Flight attendants can be rude to you or grumpy. Not sure how much training they go through to answer your questions and attend you in the politest way possible.

Food is average - a small sandwich is served which doesn't fill your appetite for a 9-10 hours flight. About 1.5 hours prior to landing, a small snack (pizza slide in both of our flights) with drinks was served. So we def. recommend purchasing a hot meal from the airport for the flight.

Conclusion: it's not a bad flight for the price but if you can pick another airline then don't fly air transat. however, you will be surprised that 70-80% of the plane is filled. they are definitely hitting the sweet spot in price. Also, if your body is wider than average, you might need to request for their widest seat or consider another airline.
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ToParis - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
I paid CDN$90 to upgrade to this exit row seat and I mostly regret that expense. The window seats (A and K) in these aisles have a large box in front of them which contains a life raft. Unlike your immediate neighbours in B or J, you cannot stretch your feet out much further than can in a normal coach seat. If you are with someone close in B or J, you can push your feet into their space (which is generous), but Transat’s narrow seats make it hard to twist your body for this purpose.

Putting your feet up on the boat box would actually be quite good, but you are told over and over (first on the phone, then in person) that you must not do this.

In addition, in order to have a blanket for this overseas flight, you need to pay an additional $9. That falls below minimum service, IMO. The food was worse than most airline food, and the air hosts seemed utterly unconcerned with their passengers. Two were gabbing over the cart as it passed, and ignored me saying, “Hello!” three times to them, so I didn’t get my drink.
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FromToronto - Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
ToRome - Leonardo da Vinci International (FCO)
My daughter and I went to Rome on vacation and returned just this week and sat in seats 45 A&C which are the 2x2 seats near the back of the plane. The seating wasn't too bad for size and I am a larger individual but it was relatively comfortable considering they try to cram as many bodies into airplanes as possible these days. These seats were reserved and paid in advance as they tend to be most preferred except for the seats near the exits. My daughter sat in 45A (window) and I sat in 45C (aisle). I was able to stretch out my right leg fully in this case and getting up and down to stretch on a 9 hour flight was easy. I was dreading the long haul flight but actually didn't mind it that much. Food was good and drinks and snacks were also served. Entertainment was also pretty good although I did bring my own movies on my phone.
I would definitely fly Air Transat again. Overall a pleasant experience!
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FromLondon - London Gatwick (LGW)
ToToronto - Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
Returned YYZ in option plus after flying out in Club. These sears offered more leg room but were still very narrow and confining. Service from the attendants was excellent. Actually the meal we had was surprisingly good, one of the better Economy meals I have had and I am a frequent flyer so well versed in meal quality. While these seats offered more leg room, the air circulation in that spot was not good, we were warm almost uncomfortable during flight and when we got up for the WC, found the plane cooler as you went back even a couple of rows, perhaps the curtains directly in front for club class restricted air flow. Overall, not bad for the money. The worst experience of the trip however was trying to get your baggage at terminal 3 in Toronto, a real horror show, 2 hours before the bags appeared. Terminal 3 baggage is a total mess and embarrassment for this world class City. Shame on GTAA.
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Although these seats were against a bathroom wall, the proximity posed no problems. I had lots of leg room, but seat was extremely hard, and the 5+ hour flight was difficult because of this. Newer plane, but not planned for butt comfort! I suppose that even a few ounces of padding in each seat adds weight re fuel costs! ;-) Being near the front made for a quick exit, upon arrival. Service was very good, but breakfast options were not inspiring. We took bacon sandwiches, and muffins of our own, after reviewing them online.. NOTE: Companion's seat 7C was constantly being bumped, by both crew and passengers, as it protrudes into the aisle more than others.
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I booked these seats to and from PVR Mexico the end of January or very early February. The seat plan I was shown was one that row 31 was the last row and near the washrooms because I have a bladder problem and need to get up often. Now the plane they are showing has 50 or 60 rows. I can't see the seating unless I close this screen. I am not happy if this is the case. Having pre paid for selected seats I should have at least been called and offered to choose different seats!
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We were pleased with choosing Econo Flex however at weigh in scale were told our bag was too heavy. We had weighed it with scale at home. $75. Charge seems very expensive😖😟
We did not t realize that no snacks were available unless paid for. Only one small drink & asked for water near end of trip but told “ Bar closed “. We did not try the seat recline as we watched a movie. Think next year we will try Club Class.? This is the first time we have used Air
Usually fly West Jet.. your prices were better.👍
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FromRichmond - Vancouver Intl (YVR)
ToLondon - London Gatwick (LGW)
Air Transat does squeeze an extra row or two into the same plane as other airlines use, and they have gone the extra step now by removing the two middle restrooms at row 34 or so. Those are now more seats. And less restroom, so the queue can be long and extend down the aisle. That was bothersome for me being in an aisle seat with people regularly standing on top of me. However, I cannot fully complain as the price was great and my flight was direct.
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It was my first time flying Air Transat since the 90s and what a change . Their new cabins with in-seat TVs look great and is comfortable . The meal was good (and served with a glass of wine) and the crew was very friendly and caring . Considering that their tickets were considerably cheaper than their competitors, i wasn't expecting much and i was surprised to find out how great they are . Air Canada should learn a few things from these guys :)
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