Air Transat Airbus A310 300 seat review by Phil Ellis #32710

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Seat 14
From Toronto - Toronto Pearson International (YTO)
To Manchester - Manchester (MAN)
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Legroom 5 of 5
Seat width 1 of 5
Seat recline 3 of 5
Entertainment 1 of 5
Food & drink 1 of 5
Service 2 of 5
One of the worst flights I've ever had and by far the most uncomfortable. In all we had three flights with Tranat and wil never fly with them again. All three flights were last either taking off or disembarking (no gate, at Toronto!)
We had paid extra for legroom and that was excellent but the width of the seats was terrible. Other companies seem to use a 2-4-2 layout giving 8 across. Transats 3-3-3 means there is an extra row reducing the space. At only 5'8" and 170lb I'm not a big person but it still felt very narrow. The flight out was freezing (would you like to buy a comfort pack?) and the one home was uncomfortably hot. Food was appalling and cabin crew surly. (Ugh! They've been on for over half an hour now waiting. I suppose we'll have to give them a drink of water)
No seat back TVs . Entertainment could be streamed to your tablet if you had one but there were no seat charging point.
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