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3.5 of 5
FromToronto-Lester B. Pearson International(YYZ)
ToHiguey-Punta Cana International(PUJ)
- Dedicated Club Class line makes things a lot smoother.
- Lounge access is via Premium Plaza Lounge in Terminal 3 by Gate 34. This is not included in the ticket price so you pay per passenger. I think that in the future this should be included in the ticket price much like any other airline. I understand TS is a "charter airline" but there should be a provision wherein their premium cabin passengers are given this access.
- Boarding is pretty much standard.

- Seat width is 19". I wish they'd match Air Canada's 21"
- Made of dark blue leather.
- Recline is fairly comparable to Economy Class seats.
- No leg rests.
- My overall impression is that the seats are quite worn down and could stand to be replaced. Air Asia, another low cost carrier, has a very decent pared-down premium cabin with lie flat seats. These would definitely go down very well on TS' longer haul flights to Europe.
- Amenity kits were offered on an as-you-need-them basis meaning they went around with bags of stuff and asked Club Class passengers to pick what they needed.
- The biggest disappointment was the lack of an AVOD IFE. I am of the opinion that TS should seriously consider investing in this as they are losing out to other more established airlines.

- Pre-Departure Beverage was offered as well as a small snack bowl of trail mix.
- I don't quite recall if a hot towel service was offered as well (it's been several months since this flight).
- The meal itself was a massive disappointment. The entrees were quite small and were overcooked to the point of mush.
- I appreciate the ability to choose what I wanted to eat several days before my flight but I would rather be surprised by the offerings as long as they were prepared properly.
- I also noticed that after the meal service ended, that pretty much put a close to any beverage service be it coffee or tea or whatever. As there are 2 dedicated flight attendants for Club Class, perhaps a quick round once every 45 minutes would be ideal?

- I would fly TS again. I just wish they flew to a lot more destinations regularly and not just seasonally.
- The A310 is a nice powerful aircraft albeit getting on in years. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing TS livery on a 777-200.
- I do strongly recommend that TS Management consider replacing their Club Class seats and getting an AVOD IFE. It would make travelling ever more pleasant.
- Also, if TS could see its way to creating a Frequent Flyer program, I think they would stand a good chance of retaining a lot more business.
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FromManchester-Manchester (MAN)
ToToronto-Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
My wife and I have flown many times with Air Transat and this is my first negative review. Seats were old leather and had seen better days. Cabin temperature was cold for the whole flight, fortunately I had a jacket in my cabin case and had to put it on. Food was probably the worst we have experienced on Air Transat. Rice and peas in a vinagraite for starter (awful) and beef Bourginonne (?) on a bed of pasta for main was not good either. Coffee cup was of a strange and awkward design; the handle was adjacent to the lip and parallel to it which made holding it quite awkward, so obviously bought at cheapest possible price. Cabin crew took ages to serve meal and seemed to be fewer in number. I won't say too much about the entertainment system; too awful to watch. HOWEVER, a fellow passenger said that the fleet is being updated this year. Hope it means an improvement in all departments.
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FromToronto - Toronto Pearson International (YTO)
ToManchester - Manchester (MAN)
One of the worst flights I've ever had and by far the most uncomfortable. In all we had three flights with Tranat and wil never fly with them again. All three flights were last either taking off or disembarking (no gate, at Toronto!)
We had paid extra for legroom and that was excellent but the width of the seats was terrible. Other companies seem to use a 2-4-2 layout giving 8 across. Transats 3-3-3 means there is an extra row reducing the space. At only 5'8" and 170lb I'm not a big person but it still felt very narrow. The flight out was freezing (would you like to buy a comfort pack?) and the one home was uncomfortably hot. Food was appalling and cabin crew surly. (Ugh! They've been on for over half an hour now waiting. I suppose we'll have to give them a drink of water)
No seat back TVs . Entertainment could be streamed to your tablet if you had one but there were no seat charging point.
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FromToronto - Toronto Pearson International (YTO)
ToGlasgow - Glasgow International (GLA)
Flight crew polite and professional, that's the only good point. There are too many seats squashed into such a small space that the cabin crew never managed on any occasion to push their trolley down the aisle without hitting passengers, thanks for the bruise guys. The seats are extremely narrow and I am not of a large frame so forget about trying to get a sleep on a long haul overnight flight unless the seat next to you is unoccupied. The food was typical fare no better or worse than any other . There was no personal in flight entrainment. We would not fly airtransat again, the price maybe lower than some others but the experience on longhand was awful. Good luck to anyone that has booked. Air transat must be forced to look at what they offer and that may only happen when they stop getting bums on the worst seating ever offered. The extra legroom seats offer plenty of legroom not so sure about others, looked a bit tight.
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4.5 of 5
FromToronto-Toronto Pearson International
ToManchester-Manchester (MAN)
Very good service. Seat was comfortable however didn't know how to make it recline, once I asked it was fine. Excellent journey. It would be nice if the seats had a leg rest as I am short. Movie choices were good. Luggage came off quickly so I didn't have to wait long. Club line was not a benefit this time in Toronto as I assume a lot of people now do online check in but it is still a great idea. Premium lounge is a good idea but should be included in the price. Manchester has separate security line for premium clients. Would be good if Toronto could work that in. Overall very pleased with air transat service and will definitely fly with them again.
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4.5 of 5
FromGlasgow - Glasgow International (GLA)
ToToronto - Toronto Pearson International (YTO)
Flight was a good. My wife and I have extensive flying experience with many airlines so feel competent to give an impartial review. The plane was well presented with individual monitor screens. Seats were comfortable and did not feel too narrow. I am 5’ 10” and weigh 100kg. Food was reasonable, way better than low cost airlines ! Cabin staff deserve special mention. A passenger seated in front of us was upset at a meal that was supposed to be pre ordered was missed by her travel agent. No fault of the airline however she demanded to see the on board flight director who handled the situation in a professional and caring way. A master class to watch.
Overall as I started a good flight and experience.
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A really old seat, almost no legroom. The seat width is not too bad, but can be better. The seat recline is really poor, I couldn't recline it very much. The entertainment is horrible. They just run a movie on shared screens. I want to see where we are! The quality of the screens is very bad too, I couldn't read it. I had to stand up in order to see what was going on. The food and drink is not good. The taste was horrible, it could be way better. The service is pretty good. I didn't expect it for a cheap price.
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4.5 of 5
FromToronto - Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
ToGlasgow - Glasgow International (GLA)
Airbus 330. Newish plane so good flight of 6 hours or so. Toronto check in was new system which entailed putting passport in machine which then printed hold luggage self adhesive labels which you then put on hold luggage then all you had to do was take to conveyor belt where Transat operative scanned each one. Job done as simple as that no Q ing. Cabin luggage was not inspected for size or weight ! This was noticeable on boarding by the number of people taking full size rucksacks to put in overhead bins !
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ToMontreal-Montréal-pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
We flew few times with AT. The last time was a flight to forget. Service was average. The meals lacking taste and quality. You had to chase the on board staff to get served. What turned out to be an eight hour flight the between meal snacks were pitiful and of short supply even if you wanted to pay. EAT A LARGE MEAL BEFORE YOU BOARD. The entertainment screens were poorly positioned . Half the time you could not seen the screenYou had to buy earphones. COME ON MAN.
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1.5 of 5
FromMontreal - Montréal-pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
ToMarseille - Marseille Provence Airport (MRS)
The worst fly I've been, While the siége 14k is sold optional eco plus, it is the narrowest that I have never seen, even on low-cost. In the plane kitchens and a part of toilet were removed to put more of seats : thus it is sandwich and tail in toilet during the flight. A choice of bad and old movies and a completely made lose interest staff adds.... In brief a company to be avoided.
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