Qantas Airways flying with pets

What is Qantas’ policy on pet acceptance?

On both domestic and international flights, Qantas accepts pets only shipped separately as freight. You must book and lodge your pet through Qantas Freight. Only Service Dogs are allowed to travel in the passenger cabin.

The carriage of any live animals on a Qantas aircraft must comply with the current edition of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Live Animal Regulations. Handling recommendations, labeling, documentation, and the animal containers requirements are specified in these regulations.

Are there any quarantine regulations based on destination?

For Western Australia, Tasmania, Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island, Thursday Island, and international destinations quarantine regulations apply. For more information, you can contact Qantas Contact Centres, other freight offices, or the applicable state or country quarantine office.

When making a pet booking, you as the ‘shipper’ are responsible for completing all necessary documentation required for the country of destination, as well as all local Australian Quarantine regulations.

Traveling on the same Qantas flight as your pet

If you wish to travel on the same Qantas flight as your pet, you will need to confirm your pet’s booking before making your own reservation.

For Australian domestic pet travel, you can get a quote and make a booking online.

To book international pet travel, you must contact your local Qantas Freight Sales Office. A Live Animal International Booking Request Form is available online. You can also contact Qantas Freight Customer Service on 13 12 13 within Australia for more information on pets traveling as freight internationally or to make a booking. No less than 10 days prior to the flight departure date, you will need to complete the International Live Animal booking form and Shipper’s Certificate.

On domestic flights, customers wanting to travel on the same flight as their pet will receive a reduced air freight rate for a pet that can be carried in an approved IATA standard animal container up to 115 x 66 x 80 cm and 65 kg (pet and container). Once your pet booking is confirmed, you can then proceed to book your passenger flight. The day of your flight, you must lodge your pet at a Qantas Freight terminal, not the main passenger airport terminal (check that the Qantas Freight terminals are open when you need to drop off and collect your pet). You must drop your pet off between 90 to 120 minutes prior to your flight departure. Qantas recommends allowing 90 minutes after your flight lands to collect your pet.

For international flights, you can book your Qantas flight after you receive the confirmation for your pet’s booking. The day prior to your pet’s flight departure, you must bring your pet to the Qantas Freight International Terminal, where the container and export documentation will be checked, and the payment will be processed if all requirements are met. On the day of departure, you must arrive at the Qantas Freight International Terminal 3 hours before flight departure time to drop your pet off in their container.

Service Dogs

Qantas accepts Service Dogs in the passenger cabin free of charge, on all domestic and international flights to Chile, China, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, New Zealand, Singapore, Tokyo (Narita/Haneda), the US and the UK (Pet Travel Scheme). All Service Dogs accompanying in the aircraft cabin passengers with disabilities traveling on Qantas flights must be registered as a Service Animal with the appropriate authority. For a Service Dog to be accepted in the passenger cabin, passengers with disabilities must:

  • Contact the local Qantas office to make a booking.
  • Confirm the registration as a Service Animal at the time of booking.
  • Present a recognized Service Dog documentation or ID card at the time of check-in.
  • Where requested, provide documentation that confirms that the Service Dog has been trained to an acceptable level and evidence of the disability and how the Service Dog assists to alleviate the effect of that disability.

For international travel, Service Dogs are subject to entry permits and in some cases quarantine regulations. For travel to the UK, Qantas accepts the carriage of Service Dogs via Perth or Singapore. Only when entering the UK, a collapsible crate is required for use in the unlikely event of a diversion (Defra requirement). The crate may be carried in the aircraft cabin free of charge on Qantas flights to and from the UK.

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