Qantas Airways check-in

How can I check in for a Qantas Airways flight?

Qantas Airways offers a range of check-in options designed to best suit the passengers’ needs, from online check-in to dedicated check-in counters for Frequent Flyer members and First and Business passengers.

From the following options, you can choose the most convenient one for you to check in for your next Qantas Airways flight:

  • Online Check-in.
  • Mobile Check-in.
  • Kiosk Check-in.
  • Auto Check-in.
  • Ticket Counter Check-in.

What are the minimum check-in times when traveling with Qantas Airways?

To achieve on-time performance, Qantas Airways recommends you check in in advance of the minimum check-in time for your flight. Depending on your itinerary, you should check in between 15 and 60 minutes in advance of the minimum check-in time for your flight. Minimum check-in time for your flight depends on your itinerary, terminal and operating carrier as follows.

  • For domestic flights:
    • 30 minutes before departure – flights QF 400 and above, and QF5000-QF5999 (Qantas codeshare flights operated by Jetstar).
    • 45 minutes before departure – domestic flights connecting to international flights.
    • 60 minutes before departure – flights QF001-QF399 (domestic flights departing from an Australian international terminal) and group check-in.
  • For international flights:
    • 60 minutes before departure – passengers traveling in First or Business class on flights QF001-QF399 (international Qantas flights at all Australian international airports) and international Qantas codeshare flights operated by Jetstar at all Australian international airports.
    • 90 minutes before departure – passengers traveling in Premium Economy or Economy class on flights QF001-QF399 (international Qantas flights at all Australian international airports).

If you do not comply with the minimum check-in time for your flight, you will not be able to travel on that flight. Depending on your fare conditions, failure to check-in on time may also result in the loss of the fare (you will need to make a new booking and pay for a new ticket if you wish to travel), or the payment of any difference between the original fare and the fare for your new booking and a change fee.

Online Check-in


Online  Check-in  is  available  for  domestic and international flights starting  24 hours before the scheduled departure,  and up to 30 minutes before domestic flights and 90 minutes before international flights.

You are eligible for Online Check-in if your first flight is operated by Qantas Airways or QantasLink. You may use Online Check-in when you have a connecting flight operated by:

  • Qantas Airways (domestic and international) and QantasLink (same-day connection or return flight).
  • Jetstar international.
  • Oneworld partners.
  • Codeshare partners and other designated international partners.

Unaccompanied Minors and groups of more than 9 passengers cannot use Online Check-in.


Before you can check in online you need to retrieve your booking using your booking reference or your Frequent Flyer number, and your last name. The Online Check-in button will appear if you are eligible to check in for your flight. During Online Check-in, you can:

  • Select the passengers to check in (not all passengers need to check in at the same time).
  • Check in for your return flight on the same day.
  • Enter Advance Passenger Information, when your itinerary includes a country that requires it.
  • View or change seats.
  • Declare if you are carrying any dangerous goods.
  • Print your boarding pass on A4 paper only.

A confirmation page instead of a boarding pass is issued when additional checks (e.g. exit row seat requirements) are required before you travel. You must present your printed confirmation page and your travel documents to a Customer Service Agent at the Online Check-in counter. Here, you will also get assistance in case you lost or misplaced your boarding pass.

After you’ve checked in online for an international flight, at the airport, you must present your printed boarding pass along with your travel documents to a Qantas Customer Service Agent.

If you are traveling without checked baggage, you can proceed straight to security and then to the boarding gate. If you are traveling with checked baggage, you need to go to:

  • Bag drop (if you have Q Bag Tag or print your bag tags at a kiosk) or a dedicated Bag Drop counter at least 30 minutes before your domestic flight.
  • Dedicated Online Check-in counter (where available) or a check-in desk at least 90 minutes before your international flight.

Mobile Check-in

Mobile Check-in is a simplified check-in process available from Qantas apps or the Qantas mobile site.


You can check in from your web-enabled mobile device starting 24 hours and up to 30 minutes before your flight.

Mobile Check-in is available when traveling with an infant or for bookings with up to a maximum of nine passengers. However, you may check in only one passenger at a time. Group bookings of ten or more passengers, Unaccompanied Minors and passengers who require special assistance are not eligible for Mobile Check-in.

At the end of Mobile Check-in, you must enter your mobile number to receive an SMS with your 2D Boarding Pass (each passenger can receive the boarding pass on his/her own mobile device). Your boarding pass also includes the passenger name, flight details and seat number. You need to scan your mobile boarding passes at the gate to receive a boarding receipt to present to Cabin Crew onboard the aircraft. If you are traveling with checked baggage, you also need to scan your boarding passes at the Bag Drop. If you did not receive the SMS, you will need to print your boarding pass at the kiosk or see a check-in agent at the airport.

Kiosk Check-in

For most domestic flights and international flights from Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth, you have the option to check in at a kiosk, whether you are traveling with or without baggage. To start Kiosk Check-in, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Enter name and flight details or your booking reference
  • Insert your card (Frequent Flyer, Qantas Club or credit card used to make the booking).
  • Scan the barcode on your itinerary.

At the Check-in Kiosk, you will get your printed boarding pass and bag tags (where available), but you can also:

  • Check in for the return flight that same day, if your return flight is within 12 hours of departure and you only have carry-on baggage.
  • Change to an earlier flight (subject to the fare conditions of the ticket you have purchased).
  • View your flight booking details.
  • Print bag tags.
  • Input your Frequent Flyer details (including any Qantas affiliated frequent flyer program).
  • Upgrade using Frequent Flyer points (only available under certain conditions).
  • Check in another person, a companion who is on the same flight but not the same ticket.
  • Check in groups.

For international flights, all passengers, regardless of nationality and destination, must have their travel documents checked by a Customer Service Agent.

Auto Check-in

The Auto Check-in service is available only for selected Qantas domestic flights. If you haven’t already used Online or Mobile Check-in, you will receive an SMS inviting you to access your boarding pass. With three simple clicks, you will receive your boarding pass on your mobile device.

Ticket Counter Check-in

If you intend to check in at the ticket counter, you can find information regarding locations and operating hours in the Airport Guide, on Qantas Airways official website.

For domestic travel, Premium Service Desks are available for Business Class passengers, Frequent Flyers (Platinum, Gold, and Silver) and Qantas Club members for checking in or dropping off baggage. Qantas Airways personnel can assist you with arrangements for international connections, changes to your journey, and any advice you may need.

To check in at the ticket counter for an international flight, you need your E-Ticket, Qantas Booking Reference number, passport and any relevant international travel documents. In the exclusive First Check-in Suite, available in selected airports, Platinum Frequent Flyers, oneworld Emerald members and First Class passengers can check in and fast-track through Immigration. Premium Service Desks are available for Business and  Premium Economy passengers, Gold and Silver Frequent Flyers, and oneworld Ruby members in all airports.


You should be present at the boarding gate at least 20 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 40 minutes before departure for international flights. If you arrive late at the boarding gate or without your boarding pass, Qantas Airways may cancel your reservation, refuse to carry you, and/or require you to pay a service fee to cover reasonably incurred administration costs.

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