Lufthansa Baggage and Carry-on

What are Lufthansa’s regulations on carry-on baggage (hand luggage)?

On Lufthansa flights, the carry-on baggage allowance depends on the booking class. In addition to the hand luggage allowance, one personal piece of hand luggage may be carried on board.

What regulations regarding checked baggage apply on Lufthansa flights?

Each passenger may check some baggage, free of charge, subject to conditions and limitations imposed by Lufthansa. Lufthansa uses the standard “piece” concept for the free baggage allowance. The free baggage allowance can vary in terms of the number of free bags allowed, as well as the weight of those pieces of baggage, depending on the booking class and route. Miles & More status customers and Star Alliance Gold Members enjoy an additional free baggage allowance.

A maximum weight of 32 kg per bag is accepted for checked baggage, irrespective of travel class.

What rules apply when the journey includes flights with other airlines?

Regarding hand luggage on flights operated by one of Lufthansa’s cooperation partners, the respective partner’s rules apply.

As for checked baggage, the applicable free baggage allowance is shown on your ticket. Except for journeys to/from/across the US, when booking a journey with several airlines, the most significant stretch of the journey (usually the longest geographically) will determine the baggage regulations that apply until a stopover (a break in a journey of more than 24 hours). The baggage regulations of the airline whose code appears in the flight number for the most significant leg of the journey will apply, regardless of which airline actually operates the flight. For example, on a flight from Vienna to Johannesburg connecting in Munich, the most significant stretch of the journey is Munich to Johannesburg with flight number LH 9542 operated by South African Airways. Although South African Airways is operating the flight, Lufthansa’s baggage regulations will apply (LH – Lufthansa’s airline code appears in the flight number).

Special baggage rules apply for flights to/from/across the US as follows:

  • Baggage rules apply consistently to all parts of the journey. These rules include hand luggage regulations, the free baggage allowance, the dimensions and weight of each of your bags, and the level of any charges that may be incurred.
  • Usually, the baggage rules of the airline which is listed first on the ticket apply. If Lufthansa is listed on the first flight segment of your ticket, Lufthansa’s baggage regulations will apply to your entire journey (both your outbound and return flight).
  • However, the airline listed as the first carrier can transfer the baggage rule stipulation to another airline, the so-called “Most Significant Carrier” in the itinerary. In such a case, that other airline’s rules would then apply to the entire journey.
  • Therefore, Lufthansa cannot guarantee that the Lufthansa baggage rules will always apply for a Lufthansa-issued ticket. Other airlines often have baggage rules, which differ from those of Lufthansa. For details of the free baggage allowance applying to your individual flight, you should check your ticket and the e-mail confirmation which you receive from Lufthansa.

Carry-on (Hand Luggage)

Passengers with First and Business Class tickets may take two pieces of hand luggage on board with them. Passengers with an Economy Class ticket are only permitted one piece of hand luggage. A piece of hand luggage cannot be larger than 55 x 40 x 23 cm or weigh more than 8 kg. As an exception, foldable garment bags count as hand luggage up to a size of 57 x 54 x 15 cm.

As storage space on board is limited, items exceeding these size and weight limits will be carried free of charge in the cargo hold within your permitted free baggage allowance. If it has to be carried as checked baggage, you should ensure that you remove from your hand luggage any medicines and valuables (laptop, mobile phone, jewellery, documents, identity papers, etc.), as well as items that you may take with you into the cabin, but cannot remain in your hand luggage if this is transported in the hold (spare lithium metal or spare lithium ion batteries, portable oxygen concentrators, fuel cell systems and spare fuel cartridges, safety matches and lighters).

In some cases, such as flights with small aircraft, mainly on regional routes (Lufthansa Regional Partner), or in countries with restrictive government regulations (e.g. Italy, the US), First and Business Class passengers may be asked to check their second piece of hand luggage. On almost all Lufthansa Regional flights, you are given the opportunity to keep your carry-on baggage until boarding and hand it over directly before entering the aircraft. As baggage carts are positioned next to the aircraft stairs, you will receive your carry-on baggage directly at the aircraft upon disembarking.

If you would like to take with you in your hand baggage technical appliances (e.g. an MP3 player, portable CD player, laptop or mobile phone), the security laws of the respective place of departure apply. Only limited amounts of liquids and gel-based products (e.g. healthcare products and cosmetics) may be taken on board flights that depart from EU countries and on connecting flights from Europe. On flights from the EU to the USA, containers holding no more than 100 ml may be taken on board, provided that they are carried in the appropriate transparent plastic bag. For departures from the US, the American measure of 3 fl oz applies (the equivalent of approximately 90 ml).

In addition to the carry-on allowance and technical appliances, passengers may take the following items into the cabin:

  • One personal piece of hand luggage (e.g. woman’s handbag, laptop case, shoulder bag) with a maximum size of 30 x 40 x 10 cm.
  • A child’s car seat, carrycot, foldable pushchair, or baby buggy (these items will be transported in the cargo hold if there is insufficient storage space in the cabin).
  • Crutches or other orthopaedic aids on which the passenger is dependent.

Checked Baggage

Lufthansa transports, free of charge, a certain amount of checked baggage (free baggage allowance) that may vary depending on your route, booking class, Miles & More status, etc. After you have received your boarding pass online, on your mobile or from a check-in machine, you can check your baggage conveniently at the Lufthansa Quick Check-in baggage drop-off counter. If you are checking baggage at a conventional check-in counter, you should inform the Lufthansa employee that you have already checked in.

At Munich, Frankfurt, and Hamburg airports you can check bags included in your free baggage allowance, quickly and easily, at self-service baggage kiosks. The only requirement is to have your boarding pass and valid travel documents with you. The self-service baggage kiosk will print a self-adhesive baggage tag, which you must attach to your bag, as well as a receipt for your checked baggage.

Upon delivery of baggage to be checked, Lufthansa will make an appropriate entry on the ticket which act shall constitute the issue of the baggage check. Checked baggage must have your name or other personal identification affixed to it, but baggage tags that may be issued by Lufthansa are for identification purposes only. You will receive a part of the baggage tag as a receipt for your checked baggage. You should keep this until you have collected all your bags. Checked baggage will be carried on the same aircraft as you, whenever possible. If your checked baggage is carried on a subsequent flight, Lufthansa will deliver it to you, unless your presence is required for customs clearance by applicable law.

Free Baggage Allowance

Depending on the service class, free baggage allowances vary by the number of free bags allowed and the permitted weight of each bag. The maximum size per item must not exceed 158 cm (length + width + height). Fees will apply for bags that go over the free baggage allowance either in dimensions, weight or number.

The following allowances apply on flights that have Lufthansa flight numbers and/or are exclusively operated by Lufthansa:

European Flights – Free Baggage Allowance
Class Economy Business
Fare Light Classic, Flex
General No free bag 1 bag up to 23 kg 2 bags up to
32 kg each
Frequent Traveller No free bag 2 bags up to 23 kg each
Senators, HON Circle Members
Star Alliance Gold Members
No free bag 2 bags up to 23 kg each 3 bags up to
32 kg each
Intercontinental Flights – Free Baggage Allowance
Class Economy Premium Economy Business First
General 1 bag up to
23 kg
2 bags up to
23 kg each
2 bags up to
32 kg each
3 bags up to
32 kg each
Frequent Traveller 2 bags up to
23 kg each
2 bags up to
23 kg each
2 bags up to
32 kg each
3 bags up to
32 kg each
Senators, HON Circle Members
Star Alliance Gold Members
2 bags up to
23 kg each
3 bags up to
23 kg each
3 bags up to
32 kg each
4 bags up to
32 kg each

For Economy Class passengers, there are separate free baggage allowances with regard to the number and weight of baggage items, on certain routes or with particular products. For example, when flying from Canada to India via Europe or holding a Star Alliance Around-the-World ticket, Economy Class passengers may check free of charge 2 bags, each weighing up to 23 kg. On flights departing Brasil, Economy Class passengers have a free baggage allowance of 2 bags, each weighing up to 32 kg.

Excess Baggage Charges

If your checked baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance, you can still take it with you upon payment of an excess baggage fee.


Within Europe




Free bag
Larger – from 159 cm 100/150 200/300
Heavier – 24-32 kg (Economy only) 50/70 100/150
Heavier and larger (Economy only) 150/220 300/450
Extra bag
Basic – up to 158 cm and 23 kg in Economy Class
– up to 158 cm and 32 kg in First/Business Class
75/100 150/200
Larger – from 159 cm 175/250 350/500
Heavier – 24-32 kg (Economy only) 125/170 250/350
Heavier and larger (Economy only) 225/320 450/650

For the 1st extra bag (up to 23 kg and 158 cm), Lufthansa offers attractive fees to Economy Class passengers traveling:

  • On European flights with the Economy Class Light fare:
    • Online, at the Service Center or a travel agency: 15 EUR / 19 CHF / 17 USD.
    • At the Lufthansa ticket counter in the airport: 30 EUR / 35 CHF / 35 USD.
    • At the departure gate or Service Centre at the airport: 45 EUR / 55 CHF / 50 USD.
  • To/from the US, Mexico, Canada and Central America (Belize, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama): 75 EUR / 100 USD/CAD.

Sporting Equipment

The first piece of ski/snowboarding equipment is included in the free baggage allowance on all flights except those to/from the US, Canada, Mexico and Central America (Belize, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama) and is, therefore, checked free of charge. However, the maximum weight of the first piece of ski or snowboarding equipment must be within the relevant free baggage limits of the respective booking class. The first piece of ski/snowboarding equipment on flights to/from the US, Canada, Mexico and Central America and each further piece is charged in line with the special excess baggage fees for sports baggage.

Lufthansa offers special excess baggage fees depending on the type of sports equipment: 50 EUR (e.g. bicycle, golf equipment, skateboard, ski equipment, etc.) or 100 EUR (e.g. canoe, kayak, horse riding equipment, tandem bike, etc.) on European flights, 100 EUR / 150 USD/CAD (e.g. bicycle, golf equipment, scuba equipment, surfboards, waterski equipment, etc.) or 200 EUR / 300 USD/CAD (e.g. canoe, kayak, horse riding equipment, longboard, windsurf equipment, etc.) on intercontinental flights.

If you are booking your flight online and want to take your sporting equipment with you, you must register your sporting equipment under your booking code by calling your local Lufthansa Service Center, preferably within 24 hours after you have made your online booking.

Senators, HON Circle, and Star Alliance Gold members are allowed to check one golf bag free of charge (in addition to the free baggage allowance) on all routes, except to/from the USA, Canada, Mexico and Central America (Belize, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama), and with all fares, except the Economy Class Light fare on European flights. SWISS Golf Traveller members are allowed to check one golf bag free of charge (in addition to the free baggage allowance), except when traveling with an Economy Class Light ticket.

Baggage Service

If your baggage is missing or damaged, or items are missing from your baggage, you must report this immediately to the local Lufthansa baggage tracing desk or representative so that an official report can be filed and you receive a written confirmation with a reference number. If you first notice items missing from your baggage or that your baggage is damaged at home or in a hotel, you must report it within 7 days after your flight. You must produce evidence that the damage occurred whilst the bag was in the care of Lufthansa. You can use the reference number to check the status your baggage online.

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