Seat Map Lufthansa Airbus A340 600 281pax

Seat map for Lufthansa Airbus A340 600 281pax

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
First Class 81" 31" 8
Business Class 64" 20" 56
Premium Economy 38" 18" 28
Economy Class 31" 17.3" 189

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3.5 of 5
Seat 3A
From Munich - Franz Josef Strauss (MUC)
To Chicago - Chicago Ohare Intl (ORD)
First time flying business class on Lufthansa and the seats were much more uncomfortable than other airlines I have flown BC on.My back and butt could not get comfortable and even at my height 5’10” when the lie flat seats were fully extended I could not get my legs straight as they hit up against
the wall separating the seats.There was also some kind of brace underneath the seat cushion that was hard on my butt.
Also the plug-in for the earphones was in a very weird place for the window seat.The seat armrest had to be lowered and the plug was at the back of the opening that took a contortionist to be able to plug in.Even the attendant had trouble figuring it out.For the aisle seat it was right next to the seat.
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Seat 25K
From Hong Kong - Hong Kong International (HKG)
To Munich - Franz Josef Strauss (MUC)
Pleasant experience in Premium Economy. Unusual set-up with Economy just a screen away, no extra cabin for PE. Not an issue though.

Seat fine, leg-rest, like most in PE, a bit odd, but better than nothing. Decent width.

Movie selection was below average in my opinion and the lack of noise cancelling headphones quite annoying.

I'll fly again though. Value for money, especially in the exit row. After all, it's not business.
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Seat 2K
From Munich-Franz Josef Strauss (MUC)
To San Francisco, CA-San Francisco International (SFO)
All seats in F cabin are good and have adequate privacy. The choice is between window and non-window seat. The stairs in the front of the cabin is closed off during flight so there is no practical difference between rows 1 and 2. As usual the Lufthansa service is great both on the ground and in the air.
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4.5 of 5
Seat 38h
From Munich
To Charlotte
it was a good flight. lufthansa offers fine service including meals, complimertary drink sevices, and o.k lavatories. the ride was quiet, so i even snuck in a nap :) i love lufthansa
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3.5 of 5
Seat 26d
From Detroit, MI - Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County (DTW)
To Frankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
Having this seat makes the long flight easier to tolerate. Not business but much better than coach.
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