Seat Map Lufthansa Boeing B747-8 364pax

Seat map for Lufthansa Boeing B747-8 364pax

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
First Class 83" 31" 8
Business Class 64" 20" 80
Premium Economy 38" 19" 32
Economy Class 31" 17.1" 244

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Seat 28D
From Frankfurt-Frankfurt International Airport(FRA)
To Rio De Janeiro-Galeão–antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport(GIG)
Lufthansa is still one of the best Airlines, but suffering with economy problems as the most of other big companies today.
Fortunately, it does not search for solutions at the high political/econimical level, but pulls its problems to the own customers, as usual.

On boarding/floor personal, I give the best note. Excellent!
To the Companies product management thou. The worst possible.

The creating of a "Premium Economy" class shows that Lufthansa what's to try a "cheap" but profiting to solve its economical issues...
In my opinion, it isn't worth to pay the actual prices for Premium Economy for the "extra" service it gives.

On economy class seats:
Lufthansa has clearly chosen "cheap" furniture for its economy class.
Seats have very thin "stuffing", therefore less comfortable as it used to be. At other side, passenger gets a bit more space for their "knees". Good!
Thou, seat does not recline much...
Folding tables fold twice, making them unstable. I tried many tables, and none of them become "FLAT" and stable when opened. Tables don't have borders to avoid things to slip and fall...
So you will have a bit of stress to hold things together, hoping that nothing falls down.

Now, on seat 28D:
Everyone has entertainment. It is so that NICE!
In counter-side, many seats have a so called "Entertainment Box" in their feet-room, underneath the front-seat.
This is the case for 28D. Entertainment boxes a really BIG!
Additionally, front-seat has a "arm-table" which folds down, reducing even more feet-room for seat 28D.
Additionally, life-vests are placed in a "BIG" hard-plastic box unterneath the front-seat. For big-footed passengers, an additional annoyance.

So, if you are a "big" guy, have big feet, if you like to stretch your legs.

DON'T get this seat!!!

Maybe a row behind could be a little better.
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Seat 84H
From Frankfurt-Frankfurt International Airport(FRA)
To Boston-Logan International(BOS)
Very quiet flight. Plane was full but the upper deck half empty as some passengers didn't make their connection. Food and service was very good.
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Seat 19f
From Frankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
To Buenos Aires - Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini (EZE)
There its a box for the tv from yhe 18f-Its not confortable
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